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Gibson® Performance Exhaust is a classic American success story. It’s the tale of a couple, Ron and Julie Gibson, who needed more performance from their motorhome but couldn’t find any products that fit their needs. Faced with this dilemma, they decided to build their own exhaust system, and so began Gibson Performance Exhaust. Today, Gibson is one of the largest and most trusted performance exhaust system manufacturers in the industry.

Peak horsepower and torque numbers are impressive, and many performance exhaust system companies crow about them. But what good is that maximum power if it’s up at 5000-6000 rpm, an rpm range seldom used by even high performance vehicles? Gibson knows that peak horsepower and torque gains are important, but in keeping with their philosophy of giving their customers the most performance, they design their exhaust systems to deliver the most horsepower and torque in the lower rpm range. An increase in power can be the most useful, for towing, greater acceleration, and increased fuel economy.

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Gibson performance exhaust systems enable your engine to make more power by increasing exhaust flow, and they increase exhaust flow by eliminating turbulence and restriction. Restriction is created at the muffler and at every bend of your stock exhaust system. Gibson drastically reduces muffler restriction by using a baffled and chambered dynamic structure, which delivers higher exhaust flow when compared to a packed or screened muffler. Gibson Superflow™ mufflers have as little as 5% flow restriction compared to as much as 34% or more flow restriction in a typical stock muffler.

Many performance exhaust manufacturers would have you believe that the bigger the pipe diameter, the better the performance. However, through extensive research and development, Gibson has determined that too large of a pipe without the proper muffler will increase top end power, but reduce low end torque. Because Gibson believes in giving you real world low end power you can use, they don’t build their exhaust systems to flow as much as possible, but rather as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, Gibson “custom power tunes” every system to each specific vehicle.

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To develop the highest quality, most effective exhaust systems, Gibson has a state-of-the-art research and development center at their ultra-modern 100,000 square foot Corona, California facility. There, they employ CAD/CAM software, flow benches, engine and chassis dynamometers, and audio test equipment to design and evaluate every exhaust system component. Each component must pass the most rigid performance and quality inspections for flow, sound, fit and finish, before it’s cleared for manufacturing. Gibson’s manufacturing plant uses the most modern processes to produce their exhaust systems.

Besides the best performance, every Gibson performance exhaust system is also designed to give you the right sound and the appearance you want. Whether you like quiet, stealth motoring or you like to announce your presence with a roar, there’s a Gibson performance exhaust system for every sound preference. And with their Swept Side, Dual Sport, Split Rear, and Super Truck systems, there’s an exhaust look for every driver. Gibson exhaust systems are available in stainless steel and durable aluminized steel, and all are designed for hassle-free bolt-on installation with professional looking results. 20 years after its founding, today Gibson is still a family run business that is dedicated to giving you more of what you’re looking for in a performance exhaust system.

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