FRAM Filters

No matter what you drive. There’s a FRAM for You.

FRAM is one of the most respected manufacturers of automotive oil, air, fuel filters and PCV valves in the United States and Canada. About 80 years ago two Ahemists, Frederic Franklin and T. Edward Aldam, invented a revolutionary oil filtering element that replaced standard filters that were difficult to install and maintain. In 1934, FRAM was incorporated by James Edward Bigwood and Steve Wilson who became the first president of the FRAM Corporation.

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    • (1 reviews)
      $9.84from $7.87 - $9.59
      Tough Guard™ Spin-On Oil Filter by FRAM®. 1 Piece. This filter is designed to ensure maximum protection to your engine under any driving conditions. FRAM Tough Guard oil filter uses only high-quality media blend and provides 6...
      # 4451
    • (6 reviews)
      $7.70from $6.16 - $83.74
      Extra Guard™ Air Filter by FRAM®. Most dirt and dust enters the engine through the air filter and FRAM Extra Guard is engineered to provide twice the air filtration compared to an original filter. It also keeps the engine cleaner...
      # 4444
    • (0 reviews)
      $4.25from $3.40 - $55.76
      Fuel Filter by FRAM®. Keep the fuel clean with In-Line Gasoline Fuel Filter by FRAM. This unit is designed specially for protecting the engine and fuel system of the vehicle. It traps and holds the smallest dirt particles which can...
      # 4456
    • (0 reviews)
      $7.60from $6.08 - $139.00
      Automatic Transmission Cartridge by FRAM®. Keep the vital components of your automatic transmission well supplied with clean transmission fluid with a FRAM automatic transmission filter. FRAM filters trap even the smallest...
      # 4455
    • (5 reviews)
      $19.59from $15.67 - $52.81
      Fresh Breeze™ Cabin Air Filter by FRAM®. The Fresh Breeze is engineered to filter and deodorize airflow drawn into the vehicle through the A/C, heating, and ventilation system. It is the only filter that utilizes the natural...
      # 4443
    • (1 reviews)
      $6.30from $5.04 - $28.54
      Extra Guard™ Spin-On Oil Filter by FRAM®. 1 Piece. The moving parts in your engine are cushioned by a very thin film of oil between the moving parts and bearings. If dirt gets in between these components, you may end up with...
      # 4448
    • (0 reviews)
      $13.86from $11.09 - $27.30
      Automatic Transmission Modulator Valve by FRAM®. Replace your worn or malfunctioning transmission modulator valve with this high-quality unit by FRAM. This valve controls the pressure according to the current vehicle load and...
      # 4453
    • (0 reviews)
      $2.14from $1.71 - $15.08
      Fuel Filter Cartridge by FRAM®. It is very important to have clean fuel inside the engine as small dirt particles and contaminants can plug up carburetors and fuel injectors. A FRAM fuel filter cartridge won't let all those foreign...
      # 4457
    • (0 reviews)
      $2.10from $1.68 - $13.56
      PCV Valve by FRAM®. The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system prevents the release of harmful emissions, helps keep engine oil clean and prevents excessive crankcase pressure, which can cause oil leaks. Maintain peak PCV...
      # 4446
    • (0 reviews)
      $13.21from $10.57 - $21.80
      Tough Guard™ Air Filter by FRAM®. This premium air filter is engineered to meet extreme driving conditions. It features a pre-oiled filter media for increased dirt holding capacity and a heavier filter screen to provide better...
      # 4445
    • (0 reviews)
      $12.79from $10.23 - $11.48
      Ultra/Xtended Guard Spin-On Oil Filter by FRAM®. 1 Piece. Engineered for maximum engine protection without affecting oil flow this full-flow filter utilizes dual-layer synthetic media that provides 99%+ filtration efficiency, and...
      # 4452
    • (0 reviews)
      $7.48from $5.98 - $34.01
      Extra Guard™ Full-Flow Cartridge Oil Filter by FRAM®. Thanks to the unique media, this full-flow replacement cartridge provides 3 times better engine protection and 95% filtration efficiency. It uses cellulose and synthetic...
      # 4447
    • (0 reviews)
      $10.89from $8.71 - $17.39
      High Mileage™ Full-Flow Spin-On Oil Filter by FRAM®. 1 Piece. This Full-Flow Spin-On filter helps to extend the service life of High Mileage vehicles ensuring maximum engine protection and unrestricted oil flow. It's the perfect...
      # 4449
    • (0 reviews)
      $19.40from $15.52 - $68.98
      Fuel Filter/Water Separator Cartridge by FRAM®. Water is a contaminant that can cause corrosion and damage fuel system components. With a Fuel Filter/Water Separator Cartridge by FRAM you can keep your fuel free from moisture and...
      # 4459
    • (0 reviews)
      External Automatic Transmission Filter by FRAM®. Keep the vital components of your automatic transmission well supplied with clean transmission fluid with a FRAM automatic transmission filter. FRAM filters trap even the smallest...
      # 4454

    Today, FRAM is the number one oil filter brand in America. It is recognized for superior quality, outstanding performance, design and manufacture. It offers a wide range of filters and cartridges including oil, fuel, diesel, air and cabin air as well as other similar products for passenger cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles. The spirit of innovation still lives in the heart of the company as it keeps on releasing new patented technologies making your driving even more trouble free. Any of the FRAM products provides superior performance, prolonging the service-life of the engine, transmission and the entire vehicle.

    Fram - FAQFram - WarrantyFram - About

    All FRAM filters are made of the highest quality materials and feature unique media that provides incredible filtration, dirt-trapping and dirt-holding efficiency. The manufacturer offers several series of fuel filters and water separators along with full-flow, by-pass, spin-on oil filters engineered to meet different vehicle specifications. With Fram's extensive coverage, you'll have no problem getting the right filter for your vehicle, no matter whether it's new or an older model.

    Air filters by FRAM provide twice the engine protection compared to original filters. They keep even the smallest dirt particles away from the engine for maximum protection. No matter what kind of driving you do, towing heavy loads, extensive idling in city traffic, or driving on dirty, dusty roads, Fram has the filter that will protect your engine. If you want to improve the performance of your vehicle and protect all moving parts of the engine and transmission, FRAM filters are a perfect choice. Engine maintenance will become much easier with FRAM products as you get an ideal balance of quality and efficiency.

    Fram Reviews
    Average rating: 4.5 4.7 - 13 reviews
    2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe | Posted by Joey | (Lorton, VA)

    Study and seems to be a perfect replacement for the OEM filter. Direct fit, easy install and should perform well.

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