Buick Rocker Panels

Rocker panels are one of the easiest pieces to replace. This is because this car part can be accessed unbelievably easy and replaced in a few minutes. Being free from many layers of covers, wiring, and equipment, rocker panels can bring an added sense of style to your vehicle or make it look unsightly with their rusty surface.

We offer you our collection of Buick rocker panels made of premium materials to serve you for years to come. Working with leading companies such as Smittybilt, Goodmark, Teraflex, and many others, we guarantee the highest level of quality and durability of each item you see here. Browsing our inventory, you will surely find the product that meets all your needs and desires. Besides, the polished and shiny surface of a Buick rocker panel will certainly show other drivers that you mean business. Don't think that this car part brings only the visual appeal and nothing more. Being the outer edge of the car's undercarriage, this molding protects your vehicle's door from dings and dents caused by stones and gravel kicked up from the road by your wheels.

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A rocker panel is a stamped steel piece that is an integral part of your car's body structure. Rocker panels are located along the sides of the vehicle between front and rear wheel well openings, just below the doors. In fact, you lift your feet over them every time you enter and exit your vehicle. Aside from roof supports, they are the only part of the frame...