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In a way, your vehicle is like a human being. It needs air to live and perform. The more air it gets, the more power you gain. Yet what happens when you inhale, but cannot exhale? All the air gets trapped in your lungs and makes it so much difficult to get the next breath in, so you have to stop and catch your breath. The same happens to your vehicle. When it's difficult for the air to get out, your vehicle chokes. That's why you need Borla exhaust system.

Borla offers you a collection of top-quality exhaust systems custom tailored for each vehicle and fine tuned to deliver the amazing sound. Thus, the Touring Series exhausts give the most horsepower, yet offer sound that is only slightly louder over the stock system. At the same time, the ATAK Series exhaust system by Borla not only delivers maximum power gains but also offers mild performance for cruising, and a throaty sound during acceleration.

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For all the passionate do-it-yourselfers out there, Borla offers mufflers that come with its exhaust systems separately. It's difficult to underestimate importance of a muffler. It reduces sound of the outcoming exhaust gases, adding a new dimension to the tone and character of your vehicle. A muffler generally does this by transforming the sound wave energy into heat by passing the gas through perforated tubes and tuning chambers.

A true custom exhaust system is never finished without a perfect header. Having optimal pipes and ideal muffler wouldn't do much good if the restrictive header is still used. The majority of stock exhaust systems are not capable of transferring exhaust gas at high speeds. And it all starts with a restrictive header. Borla products are designed to increase volumetric efficiency, ensure horsepower increase, and let the engine reach its full power potential.

They say that all that is not perfect down to the smallest detail is doomed to perish. Those words are especially important when it comes to your vehicle. Even the most excellently built custom exhaust system is not finished until each single detail is perfect, including the exhaust tip. After all, isn't more pleasing to the eye to look at a new and shiny exhaust tip than staring at the old and rusty one? And with the wide variety of options offered by Borla, you can dress out your vehicle with an exhaust tip that will both look good and finish the image you want to portray.

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This tip is a beauty! Gave my car the much needed sports look I'm going for. Great condition, stainless steel as defined. Adds a boost to sound to go along with my Borla S-type muffler.

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