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    Base Z4 to Get New 4-Cylinder Turbo Engine
    Base Z4 to Get New 4-Cylinder Turbo Engine

    Automobile Magazine has recently posted interesting info on Twitter. Basically, it states that the base BMW Z4 is likely to get a new turbocharged 4-cylinder engine instead of the current naturally-aspirated 3.0L inline-six. This comes as confirmation to one of BMW’s previous announcements, according to which, 4-cylinders are going to return to its US lineup.

    Another automotive resource, ZPost Forum, is claiming that the BMW Z4 family will soon be extended with two turbo 4-cyl versions - sDrive20i and 28i. According to the same sources, the 4-cylinder engine will be a 2.0L unit good for 174-hp and 235-hp.

    BMW Z4 Made of Bricks Costs More Than Real Thing
    BMW Z4 Made of Bricks Costs More Than Real Thing

    A mind-blowing replica of the BMW Z4 has been available for public view in Shenzheng, China during the last year. Now the author of the impressive sculpture plans to sell his brainchild for $125,000.

    The Chinese artist Dai Geng carved the BMW Z4 from a massive brick block, which he previously cemented by himself, too. It’s hard to believe, but the entire vehicle model is made of brick, even the hinges that allow the door to open and close. The author recreated both the exterior and interior styling of the Z4, including the smallest details.

    Despite the sky-high price, which is by the way twice as high as real, Dai Geng is confident that the price will not be a problem for some rich businessman who would like to decorate their garden with this outstanding stone car. Thus, even made of brick, BMW retains its premier status.