What is the Difference Between Euro and Projector Headlights?

Euro Headlights vs Projector Headlights

Like Euro Taillights, Euro Headlights are a style of headlight housing that is popular as a replacement for the original manufacturer installed headlight housings. Many factory headlight assemblies, particularly on older models, are rather plain. Euro headlights are more desirable because the various lights and reflectors are usually arranged in a stylish array on a black or chrome base, which is covered by a clear or smoke lens.

Euro headlights may contain conventional parabolic type headlight reflectors with original style bulbs, or projector headlights with Halogen, HID or even LED bulbs. The headlights may be surrounded with Halos and the headlight enclosure may also include LED running lights as well as red or yellow side reflectors.

Projector Headlight refers to the actual headlight fixture within the headlight housing. In a projector headlight, the bulb is positioned in front of an elliptical-shaped reflector. Where a conventional parabolic type reflector reflects light outward in a dispersed pattern, the elliptical reflector reflects the light toward a single focal point in front of the bulb. A shutter, which projects up from the bottom of the light fixture, is positioned near the focal point, where it partially blocks the beam so the light shines downward.

This is low beam mode, and the top edge of the shutter is also tapered to direct most of the light rightward so as not to blind drivers approaching in the oncoming lane (the taper on the shutter is reversed in countries that drive on the left side of the road). In a single headlight fixture used for both low beam and high beam, a solenoid is used to lower the shutter for full unrestricted illumination when high beam is selected. In a dual headlight arrangement, the low beam shutter is fixed in position.

Projector headlights produce a sharper, more focused beam of light with less scatter loss, which makes driving in darkness and inclement weather safer.

Headlight Instalation Guide

Many projector headlights are surrounded by Halos, also known as "Angel Eyes" or "Demon Eyes". These are rings of light that can be illuminated along with the headlights or used as running lights when the headlights are off.

There are several methods of illumination: Basic Halos use one LED bulb to illuminate the entire ring. There are also rings that are made up of a chain of LEDs which provide a much brighter light. Finally, there are CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting) Halos. These are filled with gas like a neon sign, and display the same kind of glow.

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