2012 Chevy Corvette Ignition Systems

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      $5.24from $4.19 - $8.56
      Chevy Corvette 6.2L 2012, OE Fine Wire Spark Plug by Bosch®. Bosch introduces the new OE Fine Wire Spark Plug family, which consists of Iridium, Double Platinum and Platinum plugs. Built around OE technology, these new lines have...
      OE specific design360-degree continuous laser welded platinum tip for durability and long life
      # 24001334
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      Chevy Corvette 2012, 0.690" Spark Plug by E3®, 1 Piece. With Tapered Seat. Thread Size: 14 mm. Hex Size: 5/8". If you need a replacement for your damaged spark plug, this is the part you should have. Featuring unique DiamondFire...
      Advanced DiamondFire electrode designProduces a faster burn
      # 12192607
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      $18.69from $14.95 - $119.60
      Chevy Corvette Grand Sport / Z06 2012, PlasmaCore Series Inconel Electrode Pulse Plug by Pulstar®. PlasmaCore Series Inconel Electrode Pulse Plug provides great fuel efficiency as well as better performance. Moreover this part will...
      # 21708284
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      Chevy Corvette 2012, Firestorm™ Interconnect Ignition Coil Wiring Harness by Mallory®. This harness is used to connect Mallory LS ignition coils to the Firestorm ignition box. It's a simple plug-in operation to hook up all 8...
      # 10183269
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      Chevy Corvette 2012, Engine Position Module by AEM®. If you’re converting your engine to a distributorless wasted-spark or coil-on-plug ignition system, this Engine Position Module (EPM) can be installed in place of the...
      # 11141442
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      Chevy Corvette Base / Grand Sport / ZR1 OE #12570616 2012, Direct Ignition Coil by Karlyn STI®. Square Coil. STI. 8 Required per Vehicle. The ignition coil is one of the most important part in the ignition system. Ignition Coil...
      Place directly on the spark plugHigh temperature resistant
      # 39118289
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      Chevy Corvette Z06 2012, Super Coil by Accel®. Accel Super Coils feature advanced bobbin technology, highly specialized silicone magnetic steel cores, along with optimized winding, resistance and turns ratios to deliver 10-15...
      # 12671343
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      Chevy Corvette 2012, Direct Ignition Coil by Delphi®, Coil with Module. 4 Male Pin Sealed Connector. Includes: Coil Unit. Coil Near Plug. Help ensure fast starts, consistent engine performance and optimized fuel efficiency with...
      Designed and endurance tested to resist the common stresses that cause failureEfficient coil design that ensures the power in the coil has a streamlined path to the spark plug
      # 24560852
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      Chevy Corvette 2012, Remanufactured Ignition Coil by Standard®. Square Coil. SMP’s vision is to be the leading independent supplier to the automotive aftermarket, providing the highest quality products, competitive prices and the...
      OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturersFast shipping; 1-2 day delivery time regardless of where you’re located
      # 45067582
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      $63.24from $50.59 - $53.42
      Chevy Corvette 376 CID / 427 CID 2012, Direct Ignition Coil by Beck Arnley®. For one hundred years, Beck/Arnley has been providing premium OE quality parts for vehicles. Beginning with motorcycle parts in 1914 and transitioning to...
      OE quality products from top original equipmentTop quality materials
      # 36236189
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      Chevy Corvette 2012, Ignition Switch Connector by Dorman®. This is an aftermarket part that replaces factory OE # 12101762. Dorman offers a comprehensive line of Ignition Switch Connectors for a wide range of applications. All...
      No special tools required for installationEasy to install
      # 34228388
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      Chevy Corvette Naturally Aspirated 2012, Primary Ignition Wire by Denso®, 7 mm. The 7 and 8mm ignition wires are SAE J2031 Class E rated, the highest quality wire used in the industry. These wires can withstand temperatures from...
      Carbon impregnated fiberglass core for superior support conductivityFiberglass braid for maximum strength
      # 21023800
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      $10.36from $8.29 - $10.20
      Chevy Corvette 2012, Spark Plug by Denso®, 1 Piece. Is your vehicle hard to start? Does it miss under load and idle rough? Is your gas mileage not what it used to be? Your ignition system may need repair, but before you waste your...
      OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturerFast shipping; 1-2 day delivery time regardless of where you’re located
      # 37271220
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      Chevy Corvette 376 CID / 427 CID 2012, Copper Spark Plug by Motorcraft®, 1 Piece. Gap: .040. If you need to replace your worn-out spark plugs, Motorcraft is the way to go. Engineered specifically for your vehicle, their high...
      Direct OEM replacementRecommended by Ford Motor Company
      # 48983556
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      $3.48from $2.78 - $10.79
      Chevy Corvette 2012, Spark Plug by NGK®, 1 Piece. With a solid copper core, triple-gasket sealing, corrosion resistant plating, cold-rolled threads, and corrugated ribs, these products provide a powerful spark for reliable...
      Designed for consistent performanceMeet OE quality, fit, and function
      # 22227394
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      $2.10from $1.68 - $5.62
      Chevy Corvette 6.2L Naturally Aspirated 2012, Spark Plug by Champion®, Gap: 0.04. Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed OE standards and specifications, these spark plugs by Champion ensure fast engine start-up and smooth...
      Designed to provide dependable and long-lasting performanceManufactured using the latest processes and equipment
      # 22250468
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      $3.98from $3.18 - $7.58
      Chevy Corvette 2012, Spark Plug by Autolite®, 1 Piece, Gap: 0.04. These spark plugs by Autolite are specially designed and manufactured to ensure quick starts, dependable performance, and smooth acceleration. The products are made...
      Designed for good conductivity and a strong spark for efficient combustionImprove engine power and fuel economy
      # 22427568
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