2005 Chevy Tahoe Spoiler

    • Pure® - Custom Style Rear Spoiler
      Chevy Tahoe 2005, Custom Style Rear Spoiler by Pure®. Give your car a vibrant, dynamic look with this rear spoiler. The custom design will enliven your car's overall appearance and set it apart from ordinary models. This spoiler is made from the...
      Our price: $125.25 - $242.15$125.25
      20% OFF
    • T5i® - Custom Style Rear Roofline Spoiler
      Chevy Tahoe LS / LT 2005, Custom Style Rear Roofline Spoiler by T5i®. When you want to add just a touch of high performance style, nothing beats a roofline spoiler. A roofline spoiler adds the look of speed without detracting from the car's...
      Our price: $141.95 - $267.20$141.95
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    Customer Reviews
    2007 Chevy Tahoe
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    "Great product, very sporty and extremely happy with the spoiler. Good quality and I would recommend to buy. "

    In 2005 Chevy Tahoe was available in the following models:
    LS • LT • Z71