2002 Mercedes CL Class Caliper Covers

    • MGP® - Caliper Covers with MGP Engraving
      Mercedes CL500 2002, Full Set (4) Caliper Covers with MGP Engraving by MGP®. Fits Models with 18" wheels diameter and larger. Upgrade the appearance of your calipers, reduce their operating temperature, and reduce the amount of brake dust on your...
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    • RimPro-Tec® - Wheel Bands™
      Universal Wheel Bands™ by RimPro-Tec®. This kit fit 13" to 22" OEM and after-market rims or wheels that have a 1/4" flat outer lip (total length is 27.4'). As wheel refurbishment leaves your vehicle out of use for days and costs a small...
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    • RimPro-Tec® - Wheel Bands™ Replacement Insert
      Universal Insert for Wheel Bands™ by RimPro-Tec®. Available in your choice of color, this insert can be used to replace a damaged insert or to give your car a different look. The product matches wheels from 13" to 22" and is made of...
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    Customer Reviews
    2003 Mercedes CL Class
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    "I found CARiD by mistake and I am very happy that i did! I spoke with a rep directly and he was very helpful and gave me all the answers to my questions i had about the MGP covers. Ordered them. Paid for them, and got an email within a very short time confirming my order. They were sent to me when I was told they would be and got them in a very reasonable time frame. Unfortunately when i excitedly opened the box, I wasnt happy anymore. I was sent the wrong color! We are all human I guess and being in sales for 30 years I know mistakes will happen. Got right on the phone to CARid and was assisted very quickly! The rep I got on the phone directed me to a manager and he took care of it instantly. I was on hold a short time and was informed that they would overnighte me the correct color covers! Got them the next day and they are great. Well made and very good look, use and design. Before installing them I had a few questions. I called them and they promptly gave me the phone number to the manufacturer which is MGP and the owner of the company got on the phone with me and answered my questions!! I'm very happy with the service on both ends and they look great! Black covers with silver accents not to flashly but with a custom look. They do the trick of covering up a not so pretty looking stock caliper. I love my 2008 Mercedes CL550, black on black with black multi spoke centers on the wheels with a high polished lip. You would think though on a benz the caliper would be at least powder coated or smoothed over and painted but they are not. Funny enough the 2010 same model is coming standard with a siver painted nice looking front caliper, but still ugly looking rears. Can't figure that one out! Anyway, my MGP covers took care of the problem! Thanks CARID and Mike from MGP! Will be doing business again soon!"

    In 2002 Mercedes CL Class was available in the following models:
    CL200 • CL230 • CL500 • CL55 AMG • CL600 and submodels: Base • Kompressor Evolution