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      # mpn4489688740
      Dirt Rocket™ MX650 Bike by Razor®. Got an appetite for dirt? The Dirt Rocket MX650 is ready to rumble. This high-performance, electric-powered dirt bike comes equipped with Supercross-inspired styling, a high-torque motor and dual...
      Speeds up to 17mphUp to 40 minutes of continuous use
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      # 836299178
      2017 Audi TT 12V Electrical Car by Best Ride On Cars®. Manual and Charger Included. Assembly Required. This is the licensed 2017 Audi TTS with 12V battery, working LED lights, car painted body, remote control accessability, and music...
      Made from top-grade materialsProvides years of worry-free performance
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      # mpn4489688673
      Crazy Cart XL by Razor®. The Ultimate Drifting Machine just grew up! In response to the overwhelming demand for an adult-sized version of our award-winning Crazy Cart, Razor presents the Crazy Cart XL: a full-size, high-powered drift...
      Max: 220 lbAge Options: 16+
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      # mpn2625992217
      Barbie Pink Ford Mustang by Power Wheels®. Realistically detailed inside and out, from its Running Horse grille to its racy rear spoiler and everything in between.
      High quality at an affordable priceExpertly made from premium materials
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      # mpn4489688701
      PowerRider 360™ Drifting Trike by Razor®. Blast into the future with the PowerRider 360 - the all-new, electric powered three-wheeler from Razor! With the push of a button, you're off - no pedaling required. Race at speeds up to 9...
      Speeds up to 9 mphUp to 30 minutes of continuous use
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      # mpn4489688628
      Blue Lil' E Scooter by Razor®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Razor will last a lifetime. It will...
      Expertly crafted from premium materialsDesigned to match rigorous quality standards
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      # 836299019
      4-in-1 Mercedes Push Car by Best Ride On Cars®. Ride on Car. Remote System. Manual & Charger Included iPOD/MP3 Cable Included. Assembly Required. 4 in 1 Mercedes Push Car MP3 kids radio-control car. This uniquely designed R/C car is...
      Made from top-grade materialsProvides years of worry-free performance
      $61.25 - $64.67
    • (2 reviews)
      # 3882065
      E-Series Electric Scooter with Detachable Seat by Razor®. These rides have plenty of juice to get you where you’re going. From eco-friendly city scooters to neighborhood cruisers, Razor electric powered scooters are the perfect way to...
      Up to 40 minutes of continuous useKick start, high-torque, chain-driven motor
      $230.43 - $261.59
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      # mpn4489688710
      Dirt Quad Black by Razor®. Age Options: 8+, Max Weight Options: 120 lbs. When the backyard becomes too groomed and the sidewalk too smooth, the Dirt Quad enters with unlimited adventure. The four-wheel Dirt Quad is built strong and...
      Max: 120lbAge Options: 8+
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      # 836299130
      Audi Q7 12V Electrical Car by Best Ride On Cars®. Manual and Charger Included. Assembly Required. Licenses Audi Q7 12V comes with leather seat, blue tooth remote control, with working headlights, mp3, seat belt and etc. With this...
      This is the licensed Audi Q7 12V ride on carRemote control access
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      # 183036980
      Dune Racer by Power Wheels®. The Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer provides a safe and fun way to get your kids into the driving action.
      Monster Traction system drives on hard surfaces, wet grass, and rough terrainDrives 2.5 and 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse
    • (1 review)
      # 836299172
      6V Mini Dirt Bike by Best Ride On Cars®. Manual and Charger Included. Assembly Required. This ride on Mini Dirt Bike with 6V battery and motor, with training wheels, and alloy like rims. With this state-of-the-art electric ride on by...
      Made from top-grade materialsProvides years of worry-free performance
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      # mpn4489688695
      Crazy Cart 2014 Edition by Razor®. Drive, spin, or drift like a pro – at home! Drive like a go cart or lift the Drift Bar to kick into Crazy Cart mode. Patented drift system allows the driver to vary the rear caster angle so you can...
      Max: 140 lbAge Options: 9+
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      # 134421165
      Hovertrax™ Smart Balancing Electric Scooter by Razor®. Step onto the all-new Razor Hovertrax and step into the future of riding with this innovative self balancing scooter. Featuring gyro-sensor technology for a super smooth,...
      Up to 115 minutes of continuous useShatter-resistant polymer frame
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      # 836299013
      BMW 4 Series 12V Electrical Car by Best Ride On Cars®. Manual and Charger Included. Assembly Required. BMW 4 series 12V is suitable for children between the ages of 2-5 years, please do not charge the ride on more than 3-4 hours because...
      The licensed BMW 4 series is a 12V3 speed options
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      # mpn4489688780
      A4 Kick Scooter by Razor®. Double stacked headtube clamp. Extra thick foam grips. 100% aircraft-grade aluminum. The A4 was designed for durability and performance on the street.
      Ultra strong deck, tested by Team Razor riders with durability and performance in mindFull deck grip tape
    • (5 reviews)
      # mpn4489688742
      Dirt Rocket™ MX350 Bike by Razor®. The Dirt Rocket™ MX350 is a scaled-down, electric-powered dirt bike that lets younger riders live out their off-road fantasies. At speeds up to 14 mph, it leaves similar pocket dirt bikes in the dust.
      Speeds up to 14mphUp to 30 minutes of continuous use
    • (1 review)
      # mpn4489688746
      Ground Force™ Electric Go Kart by Razor®. Go kart racing is an American tradition, and now the Ground Force® lets you bring the action home. Featuring classic kart-styling, and top speeds up to 12 mph, it’ll be the talk of the...
      Speeds up to 12 mphUp to 40 minutes of continuous use
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      # 836299152
      Euro Car 6V Electrical Car by Best Ride On Cars®. Manual and Charger Included. Assembly Required. Euro Car comes with Lights On Tyre, Bluetooth to play music, Radio & Swing Option, Doors are opened with Buttons, it has swing option, SD...
      Lights On TyreBluetooth to Play Music
    • (2 reviews)
      # mpn4489688763
      Dune Buggy by Razor®. This vintage-cool ride will give older kids and teens plenty of buggy thrills. The updated dune buggy features a bucket seat, diamond plate floorboard, knobby tires and terrain following suspension.
      Speeds up to 9 mphUp to 40 minutes of continuous use
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      # 134421161
      Hovertrax™ DLX Smart Balancing Electric Scooter by Razor®. Step up to the Razor Hovertrax DLX! The Hovertrax DLX includes all the incredible hover-board-like features of the Hovertrax, plus increased top speed, a smoke chrome finish...
      Up to 115 minutes of continuous useBlue LED lights
    • (1 review)
      # mpn4489688645
      EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter by Razor®. Age Options: 16+, Max Weight Options: 220 lbs. Doing the right thing just got more exciting. With a modern design, bamboo deck and near silent motor, the EcoSmart Metro will whisk you to work,...
      Speeds up to 18 mphUp to 40 minutes of continuous use
    • (0 reviews)
      # mpn4489688597
      DXT™ Electric Drift Trike by Razor®. Take the edge-of-your-seat drifting action out of the hills and into the flats with the all-new Razor DXT Electric Drift Trike. With its high-torque 500 watt motor, moto-style construction and 10"...
      Speeds up to 15 mph (24 km/h)Up to 60 minutes of continuous use
    • (6 reviews)
      # 134421175
      RipStik™ Ripster Caster Board by Razor®. The compact Ripster is a smaller version of the RipStik Classic, with a shorter wheel base ideal for riders with a narrower stance or for those who want to do more tricks. Like nothing you’ve...
      Grip TapeUrethane Wheels
    • (1 review)
      # 87764432
      PowerWing DLX™ Caster Scooter by Razor®. Get in on the three-wheel action with the super deluxe size PowerWing DLX®. With adjustable handlebars to better suit taller riders, it’s the perfect ride to master sideways drifting and...
      Aluminum main beam and wingsAdjustable handlebar height with foam grips
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      # 836299168
      Ferrari F12 Push Car by Best Ride On Cars®. Manual and Charger Included. Assembly Required. This is a licensed Ferrari Push Car comes with a steering wheel that comes with horn sounds. This top-of-the-line manual ride by Best Ride On...
      Suitable for ages 1 to 3 yearsLicensed car design
      $50.11 - $53.84
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      # mpn4489688684
      Ground Force™ Drifter Fury Electric Go Kart by Razor®. Fast drifts, Furious Sparks! Features the same go-kart style frame and Super SliderTM POM rear wheels as the Ground Force Drifter. The GFD Fury ups the ante with the added flash...
      Includes replaceable spark cartridgeUp to 12 mph Speed
    • (2 reviews)
      # 3881894
      RipRider™ 360 Blue Caster by Razor®. Razor has a thing for reinvention, and the RipRider® 360 does not disappoint. A successor to the three-wheeler of the 70’s, it rides like no other, spinning and drifting on dual inclined caster...
      Welded steel frame and forkDual inclined casters for drifting and spinning action
    • (0 reviews)
      # 836299030
      Off Roader SUV 12V Electrical Car by Best Ride On Cars®. Manual and Charger Included. Assembly Required. Off Road SUV is a 12V Ride on car with features like working headlights, realistic engine start sound,MP3/Aux connection, FM radio,...
      This is the licensed Off Roader SUV 12V ride on carRemote control access
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      # mpn4489688703
      DeltaWing™ Caster by Razor®. Cleared for Take Off! The all-new DeltaWing steps up to the next level of three-wheel action. Its drop frame, large pneumatic front tire and low-angle rear casters make the self-propelled deltaWing a...
      Steel with high-tech polymer wings frame2 piece "Y" drop handlebar

    Never has so much wheeled fun been packed into one space! Whether you like standing or sitting, kick power or electric, cruising or spinning, you’ll find the cool wheeled gear right here. Browse our digital shelves and you’ll find roller blades, skateboards and kick scooters, and all kinds of electric movers, including scooters and ride-ons. And for the very latest in thrills, check out our caster-driven rides for drifting and spinning excitement.

    For all the thrills of surfing, but without the water, you can’t beat our skateboards. We offer traditional 4-wheeled skateboards as well as 2-wheeled boards with pivoting decks that allow you to create a twisting motion that moves you forward. And all of these skateboards are tough enough to catch air, do slides, and any other tricks in your arsenal. They have rugged wheels and slip resistant, durable decks, and come in a wide range of wild colors.

    Scooters are a traditional kids’ favorite and we’ve got models for every size and age, in kick or electric power, including some that can support up to 220 lbs. For first time riders we offer 3-wheel kick scooters that will provide confidence inspiring stability and hours of fun. Our 2-wheel kick scooters are available in a variety of styles and colors, and many include features like adjustable handlebars, springless shock system, and attention grabbing spark bar. And for effort-free cruising, get one of our electric scooters. We have kids’ models as well as a commuter version that zips along at a brisk 18 mph.

    Our electric ride-ons provide the look and feel of their full-size counterparts, without the bulk or the hassle of a gasoline engine. For 2-wheeled fans, check out the scooter or MX-bike, each of which can zoom along at speeds up to 15 mph and provide up to 40 minutes of continuous use. For 4-wheeled off-road adventure, the dune buggy and dirt quad are ready to go with powerful, high-torque motors. Drifting is the latest competition phenomenon, popularized in movies and video games. Now you can get the same sensation power sliding one of our electric go-karts through the corners.

    For even wilder drifting and spinning action try one of our caster machines. The electric Crazy Cart has a patented drift system that lets you drive forward, backward, sideways, and diagonally. A powerful electric motor propels the cart at speeds up to 12 mph, and it can be used up to 40 minutes continuously. But electric power isn’t the only way to get in on the drifting fun. Our manual ride-ons provide just as much excitement albeit with leg power, and feature dual inclined casters for drifting and spinning, and some are available with a spark bar to create eye popping effects.

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    Ride On Dirt Bike
    My son loves this "Marshall" red dirt bike. We had fun building it together. It was quick and easy to do. He was riding it that afternoon after we fully charged the battery. It's already been around the block several times. The price for this item was definitely just right.
    CPosted by Chad Lindsey (Kamloops, BC) / July 27, 2017
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