Rixxu™ - 54" Tailgate Pad with 5 Mounting Points

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Product Details

Tailgate Pad by Rixxu™. Width: 54". With 5 Mounting Points. Load and securely transport as many as 5 bikes the easy way with this Rixxu™ Tailgate Pad. What could be simpler than draping bikes over the tailgate for transport? And with a sturdy, weatherproof PVC vinyl fabric exterior, soft finish-friendly velvet interior, and over 3/4” of foam padding that separates bikes from tailgate, this tailgate pad has everything needed for the job. It secures to the tailgate with adjustable straps, and has individual anchor points for each bike. Plus you get features not found on other tailgate pads, especially at such an affordable price, like a tailgate handle flap that can be held open for the backup camera, and Hook and Loop strap and loop fasteners for each bike.



Exterior material: Weatherproof PVC vinyl fabric
Inner lining: velvet
Foam padding thickness: 0.80”
Strap material: Polypropylene
Mounting strap and handle flap attachment method: Velcro
Safety enhancement: Reflective logo


  • Designed for mid-size pickups
  • Carries up to 5 bikes
  • Durable, weatherproof PVC vinyl fabric exterior for long-lasting service
  • Velvet inner lining is gentle on your tailgate’s finish
  • Generous 0.80” thick foam padding protects bikes and tailgates
  • Secures easily to tailgate with adjustable polypropylene straps and cinch buckles
  • Tailgate handle flap allows access to handle without removing pad
  • Flap can be secured in open position for backup camera
  • Includes individual hook and loop fastener strap and loop mounts for each bike
  • Mounts attach to individual anchor points for secure bike transport

If Want to take your road riding group and their bikes to explore some new areas? Or take the whole family and their various two-wheelers, big and small, to the park? When you’ve got a lot of bikes to haul in your pickup, no type of truck bed bike carrier is easier to install or load than a Tailgate Pad, and no Tailgate Pad gives you as many features and as much value as the Rixxu™ 54” Tailgate Pad with 5 Mounting Points. With Rixxu™ you get the same durability, performance and ease of use as more expensive tailgate pads, plus you get features you might not expect at any price.

The Rixxu™ 54” Tailgate Pad is designed to fit mid-size pickups, and constructed to deliver many years of dependable bike hauling service. The rugged, weatherproof PVC vinyl fabric exterior can handle the abuse, while the soft, velvet interior pampers your tailgate’s finish. In between there’s over ¾” of foam padding to ensure neither your bikes nor the tailgate get damaged. Drape the pad over the tailgate and secure it with the strong, adjustable polypropylene straps that wrap around the bottom of the tailgate and secure with the cinch buckles. This 54” pad includes anchor points for 5 bikes. Of course, you should always let the size of the bicycles and good judgement dictate the number of bikes that you carry.

Unlike some tailgate pads where you have to use your own tie-down straps, the Rixxu™ Tailgate Pad includes Hook and Loop strap and loop fasteners for each anchor point. Just position the bike with the front wheel hanging over the back of the tailgate and the lower frame tube resting on the tailgate pad. Run the strap though the anchor point, around the frame tube and through the loop, cinch it up tight and secure with the hook and loop fastener. The bike is now ready for safe transport. With the versatile Rixxu™ Tailgate Pad you can carry to full capacity or haul as few bikes as you want. Not carrying a full complement of bikes? Space the bikes apart accordingly and just cinch up the unused fasteners at the anchor points, or remove them.

The Rixxu™ Tailgate Pad also includes a secured with hook and loop fasteners flap for access to the tailgate handle without having to remove the pad. But unlike the flaps on other tailgate pads, the Rixxu™ pad’s flap can be secured in the open position. Most late-model trucks have backup cameras in the tailgate handle, and this handy feature leaves the camera unobscured so you can clearly see when backing up. And the large Rixxu™ logo at the rear of the pad is reflective for added driving safety in darkness, on the trip home after a fun day of riding.

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