Founded in California in 2000, Razor became known almost overnight due to the success of its original A model aluminum frame compact scooter that proved to be enjoyable for children and adults alike. Just imagine that Razor sold over 35 million of them in its first decade. Over the years, Razor has expanded its lineup to create an update of the classic Big Wheel, electric powered scooters, electric motor bikes, twist boards, pogo sticks, and more.

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      # 3882065
      E-Series Electric Scooter with Detachable Seat by Razor®. These rides have plenty of juice to get you where you’re going. From eco-friendly city scooters to neighborhood cruisers, Razor electric powered scooters are the perfect way to...
      Up to 40 minutes of continuous useKick start, high-torque, chain-driven motor
      $230.43 - $272.05
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      # 3881874
      Spark Kick Scooter by Razor®. The all-time best selling scooter in the world just got even hotter with the Razor Spark™ scooter. Light up your ride by stepping on the Spark Bar and watch the sparks fly!
      Spark BarAircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deck
      $59.70 - $60.89
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      # 13907647
      A5 Lux Kick Scooters by Razor®. With its extra-large urethane wheels, the A5 Lux is the smoothest ride around. Easy to fold and ready to go, the A5 has a super strong aluminum t-tube and deck to comfortably support riders up to 220 lbs.
      Aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deck comfortably supports riders up to 220 lbsPatented Rear Fender Brake (U.S. Patent No. 6,139,035)
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      # 3881929
      Pocket Mod™ by Razor®. The Pocket Mod™ gives young girls with a passion for fashion a stylish set of wheels that is sure to turn heads. Vintage styling meets high performance with the classic Italian scooter design.
      Speeds up to 15 mphUp to 40 minutes of continuous use
      $269.84 - $466.89
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      # 3763910
      RipStik™ Classic Caster Board by Razor®. 360° inclined casters and a pivoting deck provide a unique carving motion, for the thrill of surfing and snowboarding on dry land. Its unique twisting motion moves you forward without pushing...
      High tech polymer with removable deck plateInclined 360 degree caster trucks and pivoting deck
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      # 3881894
      RipRider™ 360 Blue Caster by Razor®. Razor has a thing for reinvention, and the RipRider® 360 does not disappoint. A successor to the three-wheeler of the 70’s, it rides like no other, spinning and drifting on dual inclined caster...
      Welded steel frame and forkDual inclined casters for drifting and spinning action
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      # 3882044
      E-Series Electric Scooter by Razor®. These rides have plenty of juice to get you where you’re going. From eco-friendly city scooters to neighborhood cruisers, Razor electric powered scooters are the perfect way to put some zip in your...
      Up to 40 minutes of continuous useKick start, high-torque, chain-driven motor
      $120.71 - $242.58
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      # 3763473
      A Kick Scooter by Razor®. 2000 was the year of the scooter thanks to the original A model. From hip city dwellers to celebrities, businessmen to kids of all ages, this icon of American culture is an essential ride for anyone on the move.
      Aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deckPatented rear fender brake (U.S. Patent No. 6,139,035)
      $40.71 - $50.65
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      # 3881814
      Cruiser Kick Scooter by Razor®. Stylish and laid back, the Cruiser’s unique design and styling are a return to classic surfer style. A flexible wood laminate deck, wider riding area and large wheels give it a smooth ride, with awesome...
      Patented rear fender brake (U.S. Patent No. 6,139,035)Patented folding mechanism (U.S. Patent No. 6,431,567 & 7,063,341 B2)
      $74.10 - $93.36
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      # 3881993
      PowerWing™ Caster Scooter by Razor®. The three-wheeler is all grown up and ready to rock. Just move your body side-to-side and the PowerWing™’s awesome three-wheel design gets you going and keeps you moving. Hop on for some...
      Steel main beam and high tech polymer wingsDual inclined casters
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      # 4235942
      A2 Kick Scooter by Razor®. The follow-up to the phenomenon that was the original A model kick scooter, the A2 picks up on the classic aluminum style, while adding some cool new features, including springless front suspension.
      Aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deckPatented rear fender brake (U.S. Patent No. 6,139,035)
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      # 3881711
      Berry Style Kick Scooter by Razor®. Punchy colors play well together, and these trendy scooters feature bright plastic decks, vibrant wheels and grips.
      Steel frame, handlebar and forkPopular skateboard-style plastic deck
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      # 38837113
      Pro Beast Kick Scooter by Razor®. The Beast makes the scoot to school a hair-raiser! Razor's newest fixed bar scooter, Beast has the styling and features of a Pro model, in bright colors.
      Aircraft-grade aluminum frameSoft rubber grips
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      # 3881924
      Kiddie Kick Folding Scooter by Razor®. The Razor Jr Folding Kiddie Kick’s three-wheel design and slip-resistant deck help younger riders stay on their toes, while the folding mechanism makes it easy take along to grandma’s or the park.
      Three wheel design provides greater stability for new ridersHigh quality steel, aluminum and plastic construction
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      # 3881914
      Lil' Kick Scooter by Razor®. Finally, the little ones have a Razor ride to call their own. The Razor Jr Lil’ Kick’s three-wheel design makes for a more stable ride, while the extra-wide, slip-resistant deck keeps kids on their...
      Three wheel design provides greater stability for new ridersSlip-resistant deck keeps kids on their little toes
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      # 748433994
      Hovertrax™ 1.5 Smart Balancing Electric Scooter by Razor®. Get into the free-flowing fun of our revolutionary hoverboards with the Hovertrax™ 1.5. Featuring our exclusive EverBalance™ technology, the Hovertrax™ 1.5 gets you up...
      Cruise Speed: Up to 6 mph (10 km/h)Run Time: Up to 45 minutes of continuous use
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      # mpn4489688717
      Spark 2.0 Red Kick Scooter by Razor®. Unleash an awesome trail of unstoppable light with the Spark 2.0. Light up wheels and an LED light frame highlight the action, then step on the Spark Bar to make it even brighter with a blazing...
      Motion activated LED running lights under deckLight up urethane wheels
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      # mpn4489688563
      Hovertrax™ 2.0 Battery Kit by Razor®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your needs and deliver great...
      Compatible with hovertrax 2.0 and hovertrax DLX 2.0 models36V lithium-ion rechargeable battery (includes charging dock)
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      # mpn4489688695
      Crazy Cart 2014 Edition by Razor®. Drive, spin, or drift like a pro – at home! Drive like a go cart or lift the Drift Bar to kick into Crazy Cart mode. Patented drift system allows the driver to vary the rear caster angle so you can...
      Max: 140 lbAge Options: 9+
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      # 87764429
      FlashRider 360™ Caster by Razor®. Watch your world spin by as the sparks fly with the FlashRider 360™. Dual inclined caster wheels offer the ultimate spinning action – throw fast 360° spins, then pull the spark lever to let them...
      Steel main beam and high tech polymer wingsDual inclined casters
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      # mpn4489688701
      PowerRider 360™ Drifting Trike by Razor®. Blast into the future with the PowerRider 360 - the all-new, electric powered three-wheeler from Razor! With the push of a button, you're off - no pedaling required. Race at speeds up to 9...
      Speeds up to 9 mphUp to 30 minutes of continuous use
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      # 4235941
      A3 Kick Scooter by Razor®. An updated version of the original Razor kick scooter, the A3 sports large wheels and high speed bearings for a smooth ride and a springless shock system in the front fork.
      Aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deckPatented rear fender brake (U.S. Patent No. 6,139,035)
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      # mpn4489688780
      A4 Kick Scooter by Razor®. Double stacked headtube clamp. Extra thick foam grips. 100% aircraft-grade aluminum. The A4 was designed for durability and performance on the street.
      Ultra strong deck, tested by Team Razor riders with durability and performance in mindFull deck grip tape
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      # mpn4489688579
      A5 Prime Scooter by Razor®. The Razor A5 prime is a sleek, high-style, sophisticated scooter, fusing modern design and craftsmanship unique to the scooter market. The A5 prime features the patent-pending, anti-rattle system and includes...
      Razor's sleekest, high-style, sophisticated scooter boasts design and craftsmanship unique to the scooter marketA durable, gunmetal, anodized aluminum frame is a core feature of craftsmanship to comfortably support riders up to 220 pounds (100 kg)
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      # mpn4489688575
      A5 DLX™ Scooter by Razor®. Building on our classic A5 Lux frame, the A5 DLX adds our patent-pending, anti-rattle system to deliver a smooth, solid ride. Paired with extra-large urethane wheels and super-strong aluminum t-tube and...
      Patent-pending, anti-rattle, easy-folding mechanism makes transporting and storing the A5 DLX between rides a breezeSuper-strong, adjustable, aluminum T-tube and larger deck supports taller riders
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      # 748433996
      A6 Scooter by Razor®. You're never too tall to ride! The Razor A6 kick scooter was designed and constructed with taller riders in mind. No more hunching over, the A6 features handlebars that adjust to an incredible height of 42" (1067...
      Designed and built specifically for taller ridersFeatures Razor's tallest handlebars, adjustable up to an incredible height of 42" (1067 mm), and extra-long 13.4" (340 mm) deck for more foot room
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      # 134421161
      Hovertrax™ DLX Smart Balancing Electric Scooter by Razor®. Step up to the Razor Hovertrax DLX! The Hovertrax DLX includes all the incredible hover-board-like features of the Hovertrax, plus increased top speed, a smoke chrome finish...
      Up to 115 minutes of continuous useBlue LED lights
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      # 134421165
      Hovertrax™ Smart Balancing Electric Scooter by Razor®. Step onto the all-new Razor Hovertrax and step into the future of riding with this innovative self balancing scooter. Featuring gyro-sensor technology for a super smooth,...
      Up to 115 minutes of continuous useShatter-resistant polymer frame
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      # mpn4489688649
      Berry Style Pink/Purple Kick Scooter by Razor®. The popular Berry scooter is now available in a deluxe size! Features a bright plastic deck, vibrant wheels and grips. Built with large urethane wheels for taller riders.
      Folding handlebars with foam gripsSteel frame, handlebar and fork
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      # 748433988
      Dirt Rocket™ Bike SX500 by Razor®. What do you get when you combine the winningest motocross rider in history and the Razor product making machine? The all new McGrath SX500! With authentic MX frame geometry and faithful reproduction...
      Authentic McGrath graphics and fairing designSpeeds up to 15mph

    We’ve got basic Razor scooters in smaller sizes with a weight limit of 120 pounds, we have them in larger sizes with bigger wheels to hold up to 220 pounds. You’ll find the interesting Graffiti model with a kick pedal for leaving a colorful trail by squeezing three chalk pieces against the ground. There are scooters with two wheels positioned close together at the rear, and the PowerWing scooter featuring a wide metal wing on the back with rear wheels placed apart.

    CARiD also offers a wide range of compact electric powered scooters that your children will love, and that you’ll find convenient for commuting to the train station on. The smallest Razor electric scooter, E90, is rated for 120 pounds and travels 9 miles per hour, and the largest E300 with rubber tires carries 220 pounds at a speed of 15 miles per hour. The Eco Smart Metro features a stylish bamboo wood deck and rolls on compact bicycle wheels and tires to reach a higher speed of 18 miles per hour. For the ultimate in two-wheeled fun, Razor offers electric powered MX miniature motocross style dirt bikes in four different sizes.

    Razor offers more ways to enjoy miniature electric-powered fun. There’s the Dirt Quad ATV for children up to 120 pounds with a powder-coated steel frame for durability. If go-karts are your pleasure, go for the classic metal basket style Dune Buggy with thumb trigger throttle, bucket seat, shoulder harness, and handlebar rear disc brake grip. There’s also the Ground Force go-kart that adds front wheels with rubber tires and steel construction for a weight rating of 140 pounds. The Ground Force Drifter version is equipped with polyoxymethylene rear wheels to lose traction for slides and drifting enjoyment. Whether you are looking for a Razor motorcycle, scooter, and more, Razor has you covered.

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    Unlike many organizations that sell automotive parts and accessories, CARiD’s standards are as high as yours are. That’s why we use vendors with a proven history of customer satisfaction and quality control such as Razor. Our employees have tested these products with their own families and have seen the smiles they have brought, and we can rest assured what we offer will provide joy and durability in your world. We've made every effort to provide as much information as possible on the range of Razor products on our site, and we'll make every effort to help answer any specific questions you have.

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    Razor MX 650
    Very easy to assemble and well built electric dirt bike. My 11 yr old son absolutely loves riding it and definitely exceeds our expectations.
    DPosted by David (Waltham, MA) / September 25, 2016
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