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  • Season:Summer
  • Tire Type:Performance
  • Tire Size:275 / 30 R19
  • Speed Rating:Y = 186 mph
  • Load Index:96 = 1565 lbs/tire
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Product Details

INVO Tires by Nitto®. Season: Summer. Type: Performance. This INVO tire is a high performance street tire that provides a blend of performance, ride comfort and quality. Specifically developed for staggered sized applications commonly found on luxury and high-performance vehicles, this tire provides a comfortable ride by reducing perceived road noise, so you can hear what really matters.


3D Multiwave Sipes

3D Multiwave Sipes
Nitto’s 3D multiwave sipes feature an interlocking ripple design, which allows the sipes to “lock” together while braking to act like a continuous tread block and provide traction while accelerating.


Nitto’s silica-reinforced tread compound strengthens blocks to reduce tread flex for improved acceleration, handling and braking.

Dry Performance

Dry Performance
The outer shoulder is made of large reinforced tread blocks, which increase the amount of surface area contacting the road. This assists with dry performance and cornering.

Handling Stability

Handling Stability
The solid center rib provides continuous contact with the road to increase the tire’s rigidity and stability. This rigid design helps keep you connected to the road during hard braking and acceleration.

Inner Shoulder

Inner Shoulder
The inner shoulder increases the contact patch for better braking performance and stability.

Wet Performance

Wet Performance
Twin circumferential grooves effectively channel away water for outstanding wet performance.

By incorporating computer-modeled designs for road noise reduction and a program that aids in enhancing dynamic contact points while driving, Nitto's engineers successfully identify and counteract undesirable responses of the tires in a variety of driving conditions. In addition, the tested technological advances in polymer tread compounds allow their engineers to deliver truly high-quality Nitto tires that provide extended tread life, improved traction on both wet and dry roads and inspire driver satisfaction.

Founded in 1979, Nitto is driven by passion and innovation. They create tires for those who are enthusiastic about their vehicles. The company always strives to anticipate and drive consumer trends by supporting emerging markets before they are mainstream, helping them grow and driving the market forward. Nitto's tire sizing, tread patterns and tire compounds combine modern aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. This philosophy has helped them create some of the most radical-looking tire designs available on the market today. These memorable designs are the result of state-of-the-art development, quality engineering and rigorous testing procedures.


INVO 225/45R17 91W
INVO 235/45ZR17 94W
INVO 245/40ZR17 95Y
INVO 245/45ZR17 95W
INVO P255/50ZR17 100W
INVO 225/40R18 92W
INVO 225/45R18 91W
INVO 235/40R18 91W
INVO 245/40R18 97W
INVO 245/45R18 96W
INVO 245/50ZR18 104W
INVO 255/35R18 94W
INVO 255/40ZR18 99Y
INVO 255/45R18 99W
INVO 265/35R18 97W
INVO 275/35ZR18 99W
INVO 275/40ZR18 99W
INVO 295/35ZR18 99W
INVO 225/35R19 88Y
INVO 225/40ZR19 93Y
INVO 225/45ZR19 96W
INVO 235/35ZR19 91W
INVO 235/35ZR19 91Y
INVO 245/35R19 93W
INVO 245/35ZR19 93Y
INVO 245/40ZR19 98W
INVO 255/30R19 91Y
INVO 255/35ZR19 96Y
INVO 255/40ZR19 100Y
INVO 265/30ZR19 93W
INVO 275/30ZR19 96Y
INVO 275/35ZR19 100W
INVO 285/30ZR19 98W
INVO 285/35ZR19 99W
INVO 305/30ZR19 102Y
INVO 315/25ZR19 98Y
INVO 325/30ZR19 105Y
INVO 345/30ZR19 105Y
INVO 235/30ZR20 88Y
INVO 245/30ZR20 90W
INVO 245/35R20 95W
INVO 245/40ZR20 99W
INVO 245/45ZR20 99W
INVO 255/30ZR20 92Y
INVO 255/35ZR20 97W
INVO 255/45ZR20 101W
INVO 275/25ZR20 91Y
INVO 275/30ZR20 97W
INVO 275/35ZR20 102W
INVO 275/40R20 106W
INVO 285/25ZR20 93Y
INVO 285/30ZR20 99W
INVO 295/25ZR20 95W
INVO 295/35ZR20 101W
INVO 305/25ZR20 97Y
INVO 315/35ZR20 106W
INVO 345/25ZR20 100Y
INVO 245/35ZR21 96W
INVO 245/30ZR22 92W
INVO 255/30ZR22 95W
INVO 255/35ZR22 99W
INVO 265/30ZR22 97W
INVO 275/30ZR22 99W
INVO 285/30ZR22 101W
INVO 295/25R22 97W
INVO 275/25ZR24 96W



This Limited Warranty covers all Nitto® brand passenger car and light truck tires purchased and used within the United States. Because tires can fail for different reasons (see “What is Not Covered by this Limited Warranty” below), should you experience a problem with your Nitto® brand tire, please take it to your authorized Nitto® retailer for proper inspection.


The presence of a manufacturing anomaly is not necessarily required to qualify for an adjustment. You are eligible for this Limited Warranty if:

  • You are the original purchaser of the tire.
  • The tire was purchased after March 2015 (Tires purchased before March 2015 may be covered by an earlier warranty. See your Nitto® retailer or contact Nitto® for more information)
  • The tires were used on the vehicle on which they were originally installed
  • The tires are of the correct size, load, and speed rating for the make and type of vehicle
  • You properly maintained and used the tire (see “Tire Safety and Maintenance Information” section)
  • The tires are not subject to an exclusion (see “What Is Not Covered” section)
  • You fulfill the warranty claim procedure (see “How to Make a Warranty Claim” section)


Nitto® warrants all eligible tires against defects in workmanship and materials. Upon examination of an eligible tire, if Nitto® determines that the tire(s) is not serviceable due to a condition covered by this Workmanship and Materials Limited Warranty, it will be replaced with a comparable new Nitto® brand tire as follows:

  • First 1/32” Worn: Nitto® will replace, free of charge, any eligible tire that it determines to have uniformity issues (e.g., out-of-round, out-of-balance, or pulling) within the first 1/32” of tread use. Mounting and balancing costs are covered by Nitto®. You will be responsible for taxes and any other charges.
  • Less than 25% Worn: For eligible tires with conditions other than uniformity issues, Nitto® will replace, free of charge, any eligible tire when the original usable tread is worn by 25% or less, and within 60 months from the date of purchase. If you cannot provide a copy of the original sales invoice, the manufacturing date of the tire, as indicated by the tire DOT code, will be used in lieu of the purchase date for purposes of the above calculation. Mounting and balancing costs are covered by Nitto®. You will be responsible for taxes and any other charges.
  • More than 25% Worn: Nitto® will pro-rate and replace any eligible tire when the original usable tread is worn by more than 25%, and within 60 months from the date of purchase. If you cannot provide a copy of the original sales invoice, the manufacturing date of the tire, as indicated by the tire DOT code, will be used in lieu of the purchase date for purposes of the above calculation. You are responsible for the prorated cost of a replacement tire, and also for mounting and balancing costs, taxes, and any other charges.

The original usable tread is determined by measuring the depth on the tread of a new tire to the top of the treadwear indicator bars (note: the depth of the original usable tread will vary by tire size and model).

The prorated cost of a replacement tire is determined as follows: (Original usable tread worn) ÷ (Original usable tread) x (Actual current dealer selling price)


For those qualifying Nitto® brand tires see under “Tires”. Nitto® will provide a prorated mileage credit towards the purchase of a comparable Nitto® brand tire.

You will be responsible for the prorated cost of a replacement tire, and also mounting and balancing costs, taxes, and any other charges.

The prorated cost of a replacement tire is determined as follows: (Actual miles driven) ÷ (Amount of warranted miles) x (Actual current dealer selling price)

Vehicles with staggered fitments (i.e., where the front and rear tires are of a different size) cannot be rotated. Therefore, Nitto® warrants tires mounted on the rear axle of vehicles with staggered fitments only up to 50% of the warranted miles under the standard Nitto® treadwear warranty.

To qualify for this Treadwear Limited Warranty, the tire must meet all of the following conditions:

  • Qualifies as a Nitto® brand eligible tire as listed in www. under “Tires”.
  • Is driven no more than the warranted miles specified in under “Tires”.
  • Is properly serviced and maintained, with periodic rotation, all evidenced by acceptable service records.
  • Tread is evenly worn down to the top of the treadwear indicator bars.
  • Was installed no more than 60 months from the date of purchase.
  • Has been used on road surfaces for which the tire is designed.
  • Has not been used for commercial service.
  • Original proof of purchase with installation miles.

A comparable Nitto® brand tire is the same tire, or a tire of the same basic construction and quality, as the original tire, as determined by Nitto®.


The Limited Warranty does not cover the following: Replacement of tire pressure monitoring system parts or components. Tire damage due to road hazards (not limited to cuts, snags, bruises, impact breaks, bulges, punctures, stone drills, chips, and scales), fire, theft, or collision.

Conditions arising from improper tire/vehicle maintenance or use, not limited to:

  • Irregular or excessive treadwear due to: Incorrect inflation; overloading; vehicle misalignment; tire mixing; failure to rotate tires; and poor or defective mechanical condition to brakes, shocks, and wheels; or other factors attributable to the vehicle or wheel.
  • Any tire which has been run with low air pressure or while flat.
  • Tires submitted for a mileage adjustment that have worn out unevenly and/ or show a difference of 2/32” between major tread grooves or between the front and rear sets.
  • Damage due to abuse; vandalism; tire alteration; tire spinning; extreme temperature exposure; police pursuit service; racing; or other competitive activities.
  • Damage, corrosion, or deterioration from using oil-based chemicals, water-based sealers, balancing substances, or flammable gases.
  • Damage from improper use of tire chains.
  • Damage on studded tires from installation of studs of an improper size.
  • Damage from improper storage as described in the “Tire Safety and Maintenance Information” section under “Tire Storage”.
  • Tires with the DOT identification number removed or rendered illegible.

Improper application, not limited to: Incorrect size, load and speed rating for the make and type of vehicle; Passenger tires used on pick-up trucks with slide-in campers.

Improper mounting, balancing, or repair, not limited to: Improper tire mounting, tire/wheel assembly imbalance; Damage from incorrect mounting or dismounting of the tire, incorrect wheel size, water or other material trapped inside the tire during mounting, or failure to keep the tires balanced; Damage resulting from improper repair materials or procedures; Multiple repairs within a 90° repairable area of the tread; Tires with more than four repairs in the repairable area of the tread.

Failure to meet conditions of the Limited Warranty, not limited to: Any tire for which mileage and tire rotation records are not available or verifiable; Any tire not presented and available for Nitto®’s inspection; Any tires worn beyond the treadwear indicators (less than 2/32” of remaining tread); Uniformity issues after the first 1/32” of treadwear.

Claims of weather or ozone cracking after five years from the date of manufacture, and any claims of cosmetic weather or ozone cracking at any time. Tires supplied as original equipment on new vehicles (see Nitto® Original Equipment Limited Warranty for coverage). Retreaded tires and tires purchased used. Nitto® brand tires that are imported and sold through unauthorized channels or that are not marketed and sold by Nitto® within the United States.


To make a claim under this Limited Warranty, you must:

  • Present your vehicle with the subject tires, the original copy of this Limited Warranty, and the original sales invoice , to an authorized Nitto® dealer.
  • Present your Limited Warranty booklet with the completed Tire Installation Information and Tire Service Record sections (See pages A and B). For treadwear mileage warranty consideration, the Tire Service Record must show the times and places that the tire rotations were performed. Follow the rotation interval from your vehicle Owner’s Manual. Nitto® recommends rotations at 3,500 miles or less for high performance tires with a speed rating of V or higher or 7,500 mile intervals or less for standard passenger and light truck tires (See “Tire Rotation” in the “Tire Safety and Maintenance Information” section).
  • Complete and sign the Nitto® Limited Warranty Claim form provided by the dealer, keep a copy for your records, and leave the tire with the dealer.
  • If you purchased the tire from an internet or mail order merchant, you will need to submit your claim, together with the dismounted tire, to that merchant, or to Nitto®. You are responsible for all of the costs of dismounting and shipping. If you are returning the tire to Nitto®, please first contact Nitto® Consumer Relations team at the telephone number listed on bottom of the Limited Warranty text.
  • Your claim will be administered in accordance with the Limited Warranty that was in effect when you purchased the tires.


This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights; you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.



Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusions may not apply to you. No one (including a Nitto® employee, representative, or dealer) has the authority to vary the terms of this Limited Warranty. Nitto® does not warrant any work performed by the dealer, including, but not limited to, their selection, fitment, mounting and balancing, inspection, or repair of any tire. As part of the claim process under this warranty, the consumer must always make the subject tire available for physical inspection by Nitto®. Nitto® reserves the right to the final inspection decision for all eligible tires under this Limited Warranty with regard to conditions listed in “What is Not Covered by this Limited Warranty”.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act:
Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)) Learn More



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Average Rating: 5 of 5
5 of 5
If You're Looking for Handling And Comfort
If you're looking for handling and comfort, this is the tire for you unbelievable car sticks to ground.
Posted by (Wilmington, DE) / 2006 BMW 7-Series
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4.8 of 5
Great Tires
Significantly improved my handling. It really made a big difference while accelerating.
Posted by (Santa Rita, GU) / 2007 Toyota Camry
Was this review helpful for you? Yes
5 of 5
Great Tire
I bought the Nitto Invo because i was looking for a good performance tire. It had to have 3 things, good looks, performance in wet and dry, and it had to be quiet. This tire fits the bill. I have a Chrysler 300 SRT8 and I wanted increased performance while still maintaining a quiet tire. It performs as expected with loss of traction if you really push the vehicle hard. It instills confidence in the way you drive. Very predictable and that's a good thing.
Posted by (Winnipeg, MB) / 2012 Chrysler 300
Was this review helpful for you? Yes
5 of 5
Benz CLS350
I was fit to bests CLS350. I liked it very much. Is cool. It is recommended.
Posted by (Osaka, AA) / 2013 Mercedes CLS Class
Was this review helpful for you? Yes
5 of 5
Good Deal
Excellent performance. 2nd car I've put these on.
Posted by (Beaumont, AB) / 2009 Nissan 370Z
Was this review helpful for you? YesThis review was helpful for 9 users!
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