K&L Supply® 18-2799 - Air Cut-Off Valve Kit

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Replaces Original (OE) Part #:13480-38F00 Diaphragm, 13486-15F00 O-Ring ("U-Ring"), 13486-15F00 Spring, 43028-1053 Diaphragm, 92055-1245 O-Ring ("U-Ring"), 92081-1891 Spring
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Product Details

K&L Supply Motorcycle Parts

Air Cut-Off Valve Kit by K&L Supply®. Here's an inexpensive alternative to the costly OEM assembly. To prevent "afterburn" generated by a lean fuel mixture when closing the throttle, the air cut-off valve temporarily closes the slow-jet air passage, creating an instantly richer mixture. Included in these high quality kits are all parts necessary for a complete rebuild.

K&L Supply


  • Made in Japan
  • Professionally crafted from top-quality materials
  • Designed specifically for bikes, UTVs, and ATVs
  • Ready to withstand many years of exposure


  • Diaphragm
  • Spring
  • O-Ring

Headquartered in San Jose, California, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, K&L Supply® leads the way with practical, easy to use specialty tools, shop equipment, and hard parts designed to perform under the toughest conditions. Professionals and DIYers around the world rely on K&L Supply to help them get their job done more safely, easily, and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for hydraulic, air, or heavy-duty shop lift equipment, or anything in-between, K&L Supply delivers. The brand showcases an extensive line of rock-solid lifts that are perfect for lifting a ride to the optimal servicing height at the shop or garage for easy maintenance, saving you time and muscles. K&L Supply’s selection of dependable wheel balancers and tire changers, jacks, lifts, and stands are a must have for hassle-free service or storage, keeping things balanced and in rock-solid place. For fine-tuning and precise diagnostics of your ride, look no further than tuning and diagnostic equipment from K&L Supply. It offers top-notch dynomite dynamometers, superflow products, gas analyzers, regulated fuel injection pumps, to name just a few. These tools will give you the most accurate data about the ride’s well-being. K&L Supply is also the Original Equipment Tool supplier to all Yamaha dealers in the United States. The K&L Supply O.E. Division provides tools to motorcycle, ATV, water craft, snowmobile, marine, and golf cart industries.

Part Number:
OE Numbers:
13480-38F00 Diaphragm, 13486-15F00 O-Ring ("U-Ring"), 13486-15F00 Spring, 43028-1053 Diaphragm, 92055-1245 O-Ring ("U-Ring"), 92081-1891 Spring

Warranty Information

K&L Supply Co., Inc., makes no warranty as to products distributed by them, expressed or implied, including, without limitation any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The brand passes on all warranties made by the manufacturer, who has the sole responsibility for performing such warranties. The manufacturer shall be solely responsible for any damage to person or property arising from faulty design, materials, and workmanship of its products. K&L Supply Co., Inc. accepts no liability for such damages and shall not be held liable for indirect or consequential damages. K&L Supply Co. Inc. offers no warranty on electrical parts, except when stated. The Warranty is considered null and void if the product is repaired, altered, or modified by unauthorized personnel.

Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act:
Legally, a vehicle manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302(C)) Learn More

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2001 Suzuki DR-Z400EK
  • Fits Models with Electric Start.
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  • Fits Models with Electric Start.
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2004 Suzuki DR-Z400EY
  • Fits Models with Electric Start.
2003 Suzuki DR-Z400EY
  • Fits Models with Electric Start.
2002 Suzuki DR-Z400EY
  • Fits Models with Electric Start.
2001 Suzuki DR-Z400EY
  • Fits Models with Electric Start.
2000 Suzuki DR-Z400EY
  • Fits Models with Electric Start.
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2002 Suzuki DR-Z400K
2001 Suzuki DR-Z400K
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2002 Suzuki DR-Z400Y
2001 Suzuki DR-Z400Y
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2004 Suzuki LT-A400FCK Eiger 4x4 Auto
2003 Suzuki LT-A400FCK Eiger 4x4 Auto
Suzuki LT-A400FK Eiger 4x4 Auto
2004 Suzuki LT-A400FK Eiger 4x4 Auto
2003 Suzuki LT-A400FK Eiger 4x4 Auto
2002 Suzuki LT-A400FK Eiger 4x4 Auto
Suzuki LT-A400K Eiger 2x4 Auto
2004 Suzuki LT-A400K Eiger 2x4 Auto
2003 Suzuki LT-A400K Eiger 2x4 Auto
2002 Suzuki LT-A400K Eiger 2x4 Auto
Suzuki LT-A500FCK Vinson 500 4x4 Auto
2004 Suzuki LT-A500FCK Vinson 500 4x4 Auto
2003 Suzuki LT-A500FCK Vinson 500 4x4 Auto
2002 Suzuki LT-A500FCK Vinson 500 4x4 Auto
Suzuki LT-A500FK Vinson 500 4x4 Auto
2004 Suzuki LT-A500FK Vinson 500 4x4 Auto
2003 Suzuki LT-A500FK Vinson 500 4x4 Auto
2002 Suzuki LT-A500FK Vinson 500 4x4 Auto
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2004 Suzuki LT-F400FK Eiger 4x4
2003 Suzuki LT-F400FK Eiger 4x4
2002 Suzuki LT-F400FK Eiger 4x4
Suzuki LT-F400K Eiger 2x4
2004 Suzuki LT-F400K Eiger 2x4
2003 Suzuki LT-F400K Eiger 2x4
2002 Suzuki LT-F400K Eiger 2x4

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