Our Mission

D2FORGED Wheels was formed to fulfill a void in the landscape of aftermarket custom wheels. Our sole mission is to transform any vehicle that our wheels adorn into an eye catching, dynamic masterpiece. Characterized by tasteful, yet distinctive designs, luxurious finishing, and stellar materials, the end result is a wheel that's as l ustworthy as it is roadworthy. Not to be regarded as just another wheel, D2FORGED Wheels provide a signature style and stance that can not be mistaken for ANY other product when seen. Primarily designed for exotic, sports, and premium luxury vehicles, D2FORGED Wheels can be custom crafted for any vehicle.

Core Values

The values by which we craft our wheels, dealer network, and support infastructure are all simple but effective. Innovative design, world class engineering, cutting edge mac hinery and exhaustive R&D ensure our wheels are beyond reproach. We go to the same lengths to ensure our dealer network meets our stringent standards. Each customer will be provided the experience that befits the purchase of a custom, exclusive product, from start to finish. Our customer support staff is on hand via telephone, email and messaging clients to answer an idle question, address a warranty inquiry, or just shoot the breeze about why our wheels look so good!

About The Product

D2FORGED Wheels are custom crafted, forged, and available in 2pc & 3pc construction. All wheels are made in the U.S.A., utilizing 100% Domestic componentry. Our 2pc models feature modular construction, meaning they are joined to the barrel via functional fasteners, NOT welding. We utilize the the highest quality aerospace grade 6061-t6 forged aluminum, and assemble each wheel by hand using stainless steel fastening hardware, rated to withstand 2tons of pressure. Our wheels are subjected to numerous durability & quality control inspections. Testing procedures include in house CAD structural fatigue rendering as well as 3rd party independent testing for: hi-speed stability, Fatigue and Dynamic Durability testing specified by DOT 109, and lateral / radial runout. Additionally, Our wheels are inspected twice for cosmetic / final delivery quality control (finish quality, fastener torque specs, specification confirmation).

Our wheels feature a 1 year finish and lifetime structural warranty. We have gone to great lengths to provide a product of the utmost quality, thus each wheel features a seal of authenticity, with serial number on the inner rim. Do not accept any product as D2FORGED if it does not have this seal. All warranty claims and repair requests will require verification of the serial number prior to performance of any services. Please contact us to register your wheels, and ensure you receive the most efficient and timely customer service.