Vertical Doors

Unusual Door Designs

Phantom Doors

Phantom doors (also Suicide doors)

These take the hinge to the other side of the door. They are called 'suicide doors' because they open behind you, exposing you to the oncoming traffic, whereas a conventional door opens between you and oncoming traffic.
The suicide doors are relatively straightforward to live with but you will find yourself reaching for the wrong side of the door when using other people's cars, which can look a little strange.
Lift Doors

Lambo Doors or Vertical lift doors (also Scissor doors)

The Lambo style or vertical doors typically pull out a little like ordinary doors, but after reaching a certain point, they lift up over the roof line.
With a little imagination, you can get your vehicle equipped with Lambo doors on the front and suicide doors on the rear. It is also possible, although very expensive, to have reverse Lambo doors on the rear with Lambo doors at the front.
ZLR Doors

ZLR Doors (also Butterfly doors)

The ZLR Doors or butterfly doors are a type of door sometimes seen on high-performance automobiles. They are similar to the Lambo doors, but while scissor doors move up, the ZLR
Doors also move outwards as if performing the butterfly stroke, which makes for easier entry/exit at the expense of saving space.