Vellano About
Located in Southern California, Vellano Forged Wheels designs, manufactures and assembles the hottest and the most innovative custom rims available on the market today. Being in the automotive performance and accessories business for more than 15 years, Vellano is experienced enough to deliver the highest quality multi-piece rims possible. Each product offered by the company is made to order, one a time, and for your vehicle only.


Vellano Forged Wheels™ are custom made in Ontario, California. They design, CNC machine, and assemble the wheels entirely in house. This allows the company to work closely with their clients and offer applications that are truly tailor made, in a minimum amount of time.


Vellano specializes in Wheels for Aston Martin®, Audi®, Bentley®, BMW®, Cadillac® Ferrari®, Jaguar®, Lamborghini®, Land Rover®, Maserati®, Maybach®, Mercedes-Benz®, Porsche®, and Rolls-Royce®. Vellano does not make applications for every car on the road.


Vellano designs its wheels specifically for the finest automobiles on the road today. Some of their designs lean more towards providing the ultimate in luxury appearance, while others are optimized for racing performance.


All of the centers are forged and CNC machined - not cast. Vellano 19, 20, 21, 22 and 24 inch wheels are constructed as a 3-piece design, and the 26 inch wheels are a 2-piece design.


Vellano uses only aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum for the centers, non-corrosive stainless steel nuts and bolts for assembly, and CNC'd billet aluminum for the center cap.


Vellano takes great pride in the fact that they CNC machine their wheels themselves. They have been manufacturing precision CNC machined racing and performance parts for the automotive industry for 7 years, and they have contracted precision components to the aircraft industry.


First, Vellano's in-house engineering department uses CAD/CAM software to conduct computer simulated failure testing on each new wheel design. Then, a wheel prototype is sent to an independent lab where it is tested for fatigue, impact, and cornering according to the SAE J2530 specifications. Finally, Vellano conducts a run out test in order to insure that every wheel they produce is within spec before leaving our factory.


The standard finishes are machine brushed (diamond cut), chrome, painted, and color matched. Custom options are available. Vellano currently offers 19, 20, 22, 24 and 26 inch diameter wheels in a variety of widths. In most cases lip sizes are maximized, unless requested otherwise.


It is the industry standard, when referring to lip sizes, to refer to the width of the actual barrel component. The visual lip is approximately one half inch smaller.


For tire pressure monitoring system compliance, see this video.


Vellano offers custom engraving and special finish options. Please call us for details.

  • * All warranty claims must be made in writing before the warranty period ends.
  • * Product must be returned to us no more than 6 weeks after the warranty period ends.

This warranty applies only if purchased from a Vellano Forged Wheels® authorized reseller.
This warranty is non-transferable.

What is covered:
All components of the wheel are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Items covered under the year warranty period include, but are not limited to: standard finishes (chrome, brushed, and standard black), air seals and valve stems.

Custom finishes such as color match, and two-tone, are covered for a period of one year. (See below for chrome with paint finishes).

What is not covered:
Chrome with paint finishes are not covered under this warranty.

Damage to the finish as a result of improper cleaning is not covered under this warranty. Examples of improper cleaning include, but are not limited to: the use of harsh chemicals, abrasive polishes, automated car wash equipment, cleaning when hot, and neglect in regular cleaning.

Finish damage as a result of extended use in extreme winter climates; corrosion from road salt, and salt air corrosion from the ocean are not covered under this warranty.

This finish warranty does not cover finish wear such as pitting or rock chips, which are a result of normal use.

This warranty is void if any damage has occurred as a result of improper wheel mounting and /or tire installation.

Labor costs incurred for dismounting and mounting wheels is not covered under this warranty.

Towing costs and rental cars are not covered under this warranty.


The following information applies to all wheels.

Always wash your car in the shade. It is better for every part of your car's exterior including paint, rubber/plastic trim, and wheels. Direct sunlight will dry soap and water before you've had a chance to rinse it and wipe it dry.

It is very important to allow wheels to cool completely before cleaning. Spraying any type of cleaner on a hot wheel can harm the finish. We do not recommend running water on your wheels to cool them. It is best to clean your wheels one at a time. Do not allow water or cleaners to dry on the wheel. Hard water will leave spots which can be very difficult to remove. If you are using conditioned water (soft, deionized), then it is ok to let your wheels air dry, but first make sure they are thoroughly rinsed to remove any soap or cleaning product.

If wheels are cleaned regularly, it is usually not necessary to use a specific wheel cleaning spray. A separate car wash mitt with regular car wash soap is gentle on your wheels, and should be adequate to remove weekly dirt, and brake dust build up. After washing, thoroughly rinse the wheel in order to remove all soap. Again, do not allow the wheel to dry on its own as you will be left with hard water spots.

Many wheel cleaning products can be very harsh as well as bad for the environment. However, if simple car wash soap is not enough to clean your wheels, you may require a specific wheel cleaner. Some manufacturers are now making wheel cleaners that are safe for aftermarket wheels, and better for the environment. We recommend a product such as Meguiars® Hot Rims Multi-Piece Wheel Wash, which is a non-alkaline, non-acid formula designed specifically for aftermarket finishes.

Regular car wax is a great way to prolong the finish and enhance the appearance of all of our wheel finishes.

Chrome Wheels:
The additional information applies specifically to chrome wheels.

Avoid any type of chrome or metal polish, that feels gritty or abrasive. The cotton wadding type is generally the best as it uses solvent rather than abrasives to remove oxidation. We recommend Nevr Dull Wadding Polish by Eagle One®.

Painted / brushed / polished:
The additional information applies specifically to painted, brushed, and polished wheels.

Brushed and polished wheels have a clear coat, which is in fact paint. These wheels should be cared for exactly like paint. Do not use any type of metal polish on a brushed or polished wheel. After cleaning, you can use a paint polish and wax to enhance appearance, but stay away from harsh rubbing compounds as they will dull the finish, and could wear through the clear coat.

  • * Vellano Forged Wheels® is not affiliated in any way with Meguiars® or Eagle-One® brands.