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What makes TSW Wheels different? Why do customers and installers love TSW aftermarket wheels? Terence Scheckter, President of TSW Alloy wheels, tells you what differentiates TSW from other wheels and why more and more people choose TSW wheels.

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Born on the Track Racing

TSW is no stranger to the track. In fact, they grew up on the track. Founded by a former Formula 1 racing driver over 40 years ago, TSW Wheels has been involved in motor racing around the world for several decades. The racing heritage, obsession for excellence and passion for design led TSW to create what they believe are some of the best-looking and best-fitting custom wheels on the planet.

TSW Wheel Offset Video Tutorial

What is a Wheel Offset?

Ever wanted to know what a wheel offset is and how it is measured? Why are wheel offsets so crucial to the overall driving experience? This video explains why wheel offsets are so important when you purchase a set of custom wheels. Terence Scheckter, president of TSW Alloy wheels, gives a detailed explanation on wheel offsets and the implications of wheel offsets for your vehicle.

TSW Warehouse Video Tour

Wheels Warehouse Video Tour

It's important to TSW that you don't compromise when choosing custom alloy wheels for your car or truck. TSW Alloy Wheels prides itself on having wheels in stock. Their objective is to have the perfect wheel size, style and offset available for your vehicle. Check out the company's massive wheel warehouse, where TSW maintains a large inventory of aftermarket car and truck wheels for customers.

TSW Wheels at SEMA 2010

Wheels at SEMA 2010

A regular calendar goes from January through December, however the aftermarket industry has its own rules. In the automotive world the year starts and ends with the SEMA show. No wonder why. It is a truly unique event that draws together the hottest brands and premium products. Surely, TSW never misses an opportunity to show off their products.

  • Hubcentric: Every single TSW aftermarket wheel is hubcentric. A special hub centering ring on each wheel makes it hubcentric, ensuring a vibration free ride.
  • Tight runout tolerances: TSW's tolerances for radial runout and lateral runout are nearly half the industry average. Every wheel is 100% tested to make sure that it is within the runout tolerance.
  • Balanced wheels: Every TSW wheel has a 100% balance test, which means that when the wheel is on your car, potential vibration is minimized.
  • Load rated: Our lightweight wheels are made with the necessary load rating. Every TSW wheel has the load rating specified on it.
  • Compatible TPMS Air sensors: All wheels are TPMS compatible. All OE air sensors will work with TSW wheels.
  • Staggered fitments: TSW makes the correct fitments for your vehicle. Most vehicles today require a staggered fitment so that the wheels fit correctly. A staggered fitment means that you are running a wider wheel on the back and a narrower wheel on the front. No company in the world makes more one piece staggered fitments than TSW, which allows you to get the perfect fitment for your vehicle.
  • Correct wheel offset: It is crucial to have the correct offset for your vehicle. Many companies compromise by providing offsets that are not exactly correct for the vehicle. We don't. TSW wheel offsets are designed and built to fit your vehicle properly. If your offset is too low, you will get bump steer, or your steering will drift when you hit a bump. TSW goes the extra mile and builds that correct offset.
  • Mirror cut lips: TSW aftermarket wheels have mirror cut lips rather than machine cut lips, giving wheels that ultimate look of quality and extra shine. TSW uses a specially cut diamond in a high speed lathe to create a mirror cut lip. Even though It is more difficult to do this, the quality and the result is superior to other wheels. TSW also machines right down to the bottom of the wheel lip so that there is some separation between the center of the wheel and the outside lip, creating a cleaner look.
  • Metal Rivets: TSW uses metal rivets rather than plastic rivets which are used by most other companies. Metal rivets look better, are more durable and won't fade. Also, metal rivets won't come out of the wheel.
  • Extra thick emblems: TSW manufactures robust wheel caps, so that the emblem will not warp, the color will not fade, increasing the quality of the wheel.