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About Superchips

Superchips of Sanford, Florida is the industry leader in automotive tuning for late model cars and trucks. Founded in England in 1983, Superchips was one of the first companies to specialize in tuning vehicles with computer controlled fuel-injection systems. While Superchips originally focused on serving the British racing community with high-end solutions, the company eventually began to provide power to enthusiasts throughout the world. Now, Superchips sells tens of thousands of hand-held programmers per year from its headquarters and proudly manufactures every single product in the U.S.A.

In 2005, Superchips was acquired by MSD Performance. MSD Performance is comprised of MSD Ignition, Superchips, Edge Products and Racepak. MSD Performance companies are among the most recognized names in automotive performance. Their products are used in everything from NASCAR, NHRA and IHRA drag racing, LORRS off-road racing, World of Outlaw sprint cars, and a host of other motorsports. The combination of talented personnel at Superchips and the resources of MSD Performance ensure that exciting aftermarket products will launch from Superchips for many years to come.

Product Warranty

What is Covered?

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship in any product sold by Superchips or its affiliates through its authorized dealers ("Product").

How Long Does the Coverage Last?

This warranty lasts for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer ownership of the Product.

What will Superchips Do?

Superchips will repair or replace the defective or malfunctioning Product or any defective or malfunctioning part thereof at no charge. This warranty covers parts and labor only. Superchips will reimburse you for all reasonable shipping charges within thirty (30) days of purchase.

What Does This Warranty Not Cover?

This warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by abuse, misuse, acts of God, or improper installation or repair by non-Superchips personnel. This warranty does not cover Products purchased used nor does it apply to new Products purchased through an auction or entities that are not Superchips' authorized dealers. This warranty does not cover damage to your vehicle. Use of the Product to change the performance characteristics of your vehicle could invalidate the warranty provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Consult your vehicle warranty before using the Product on your vehicle. SUPERCHIPS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.

Why Superchips?

What makes Superchips the world's best-selling brand in the segment? Just two things: its products and its people. With 28 years of expertise, Superchips delivers quality solutions for people looking for more power, fuel economy and a variety of customizable features.

Full-line with Niche Expertise

One size does not fit all, and Superchips creates tunes - tailored calibrations - for each niche as if all they did was work on that one type of vehicle. But as the company works on more types, it is able to apply benefits that they find from their experience on other vehicles, too. For example, Superchips has a team working to engineer more power on the Dodge Cummins trucks and a different team crafting the latest tune for the Ford Mustangs. They share ideas and passion for great products, but they know the vehicles they work on and the customers who own them better than anyone.

More Power Every Day

Superchips believes in giving you more power throughout the driving range. Some companies only add power at full-throttle because that's much quicker and easier for them than working on all of the points through the throttle position and engine rpm range. But this is a key Superchips difference you'll feel when using one of their products - more power everywhere that you can use every minute of every day.

More Features

Their full-line of performance tuners offers the power and fuel economy you expect with quality and execution that will impress. The hand-held units are easy to use and - depending on whether you use a Mileage XS, Flashpaq, Cortex or the all-new VIVID - they come with a host of additional features. For example, their latest Flashpaq application for the 2007-2010 Jeep Wrangler comes with a list of off-road tuning features that are unmatched in the industry. Features that real off-roaders will drool over, like a special throttle response calibration when the vehicle is in 4-LO. And the ability to lock the Rubicon lockers in 4-HI. And a real-time idle-up feature that's useful with on-board air compressors and welders. But there's a lot more value that Superchips delivers. The ability to read and reset diagnostic trouble codes without a trip to the dealer and minimum service charge. The power to alter the shift characteristics of your automatic transmission to meet your tastes. The tuner can display acceleration data and more than a dozen sensor readings in real time. And the ability to recalibrate the speedometer after you've changed tire diameter or axle gear ratio.


Not all power is created equally. Superchips used rear-wheel dyno testing to develop and validate all of the power gains. Beware of companies touting "flywheel" dyno numbers - these are tests of the engine only, and don't take into account the rest of the vehicle and the physical demands operating under real world conditions takes on a vehicle. The last time Superchips checked, it's the whole vehicle you're interested in driving, not just the engine. Power delivered to the ground through the tires is much more important. The company also spends quite a bit of time tuning the automatic transmission shift characteristics. This doesn't show up as horsepower gain, but you will feel the difference.

Superchips does a variety of testing to ensure that you'll get maximum power without breaking engine or transmission parts. One of the measurements they use in their testing is Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT). This is especially critical in turbo diesel applications. An extremely high EGT is going to lead to broken engine parts, and that puts a damper on a party in a hurry.

More Flexibility

All of Superchips products grow with you. First, they will work with the most popular performance parts including most cold-air intakes, free-flowing exhaust systems and some aftermarket throttle bodies. Superchips also offers free updates over the internet so you can always have the latest tune for your vehicle, and they even offer an upgrade program that gives you a discount if you decide to upgrade to the next level tuner at a later date.