Pedestal Spoiler

Pedestal spoiler gives your car a throwback look, and can be adjusted to create the ideal levels of down-force for your car (in a case if spoiler is not custom-made and designed especially for your vehicle). The spoilers of this type are attached to the edge of the trunk of the car. In general looks like small plastic (fiberglass, urethane, abs-plastic) overlay, that is fixed on the trunk lid. Width of the spoiler is equal or lower than width of the trunk. Pedestal spoilers can differ by amount of anchorage points - there can be 2 or 4 of them. Most pedestal spoilers feature fixed height and are custom-made to improve on the aerodynamics of selected vehicle.

Lip Spoiler

Lip Spoiler will give elegant and sleek look to your ride. It is mounted flat to the trunk lid surface, often extending over the edge of the trunk lid, visually extending the car silhouette, yet making it look very exquisite. Most of the lip spoilers are attached with no drilling required and their installation is a child's play that will entertain you for 30 to 60 minutes. The Lip Spoilers fulfill more of the aesthetic function, rather than the aerodynamic one, yet the changes they bring to vehicle aerodynamics should not be underestimated.

Roof Spoiler (Roofline Spoiler)

Roof Spoiler is an accessory which is being attached between roof and rear window of a car. The spoiler increases stability of the car on the road. In most cases it comes with the brake-light installed. The roofline spoiler is usually used on hatchbacks, SUV's, CUV's, minivans - where separate rear trunk is absent. Roofline spoiler is an easy to install accessory which can easily enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. Being a simple modification the roofline spoiler will make your car pop out.

Truck Spoiler

Usually attached to the rear end of the truck bed, or installed over the tonneau cover. Truck spoiler gives a custom look that is perfect for your vehicle. The truck spoilers fit most but not all trucks. Different styles of spoilers are available, some are equipped with LED brake lights which will improve on the safety in traffic and will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

Lighted spoiler

Some rear spoilers are decorated with LED strips that light up as third brake-light. Extra brake light will make your vehicle noticeable on the road, contributing to your safety. The LED lights are bright enough to be seen even through the thick fog. The lighted spoilers are operated as supplemental rear running lights and brake lights. The mounting position of the lighted spoiler places the breaking lights in the line-of-sight of the following vehicles.