Roll-N-Lock Engineering Innovation & Quality


Is a Roll-N-Lock® available for my truck?
Roll-N-Lock is available for all current model pickup trucks.
How strong is the Roll-N-Lock cover, how much weight will it hold?
The Roll-N-Lock cover will withstand a concentrated load of about 120 pounds. In other words, standing on the cover could cause visible damage. However, damaging the cover with even twice the amount of force referred to does not mean that a forced entry can be achieved. The result would simply be deformation of the cover body. A distributed load, such as snow, is easily managed.
Will drilling be required to attach a Roll-N-Lock to my truck?
Drilling on most trucks is limited to the tailgate only, as the primary attaching means is accomplished with Roll-N-Lock's patented clamp-on track system. Attachment of the tailgate extrusion (tailgate locking closure strip) requires five small, self-drilling screws, which are tucked neatly within or under the extrusion. The LG165, LG175, LG176, LG208, LG218, LG270, LG265, LG440, LG450 & LG560 require minimal drilling into the down flange of the bedrail. The LG145 is the exception, requiring coupling flanges which are screwed on to the bed rails.
How will the vinyl surface material withstand the elements, particularly the sun?
The vinyl material used by Roll-N-Lock is a product of Haartz Corporation, the world's leading producer of automotive and marine grade vinyl. It was developed for use in direct exposure conditions and meets the specifications of the large automakers. The very same material is used on the door panels and dashboards of many of the world's most popular vehicles.
What is required to clean and maintain a Roll-N-Lock cover?
The cover requires occasional treatment with 303 Aerospace Vinyl Protectant, a bottle of which is packaged with every Roll-N-Lock cover. It should be applied each time you wash your truck.
I have an over-the-rail bed liner. What alterations would be required to adapt a Roll-N-Lock cover to my truck?
Adapting a Roll-N-Lock to a pickup with an over-the-rail bed liner requires extensive alterations of the liner and for the most part, doubles the installation effort.
Is Roll-N-Lock a watertight application?
In a word, no. Roll-N-Lock is a movable system, making it almost impossible to achieve absolute water tightness. However, properly installed, Roll-N-Lock is a reasonably dry application. Some dripping can occur when parked in a continuous rain. This is generally at the tailgate area. Some applications are more problematic in this regard due to unusual bed configurations. Conditions on the Honda Ridgeline and Ford SuperCrew applications cause these to be more susceptible to dripping than more conventional models.