Mission Statement

"To achieve total customer satisfaction by providing innovative and class leading load carrying equipment and solutions for the automotive industry through leadership and consultation."

Since 1992 Rhino-Rack has proven to be Australia's most diverse commercial roof rack company, with a range of rack systems to suit everyone from the ladder-carrying tradesman to the desert assaulting 4-wheel driver.

Rhino-Rack roof bars are made and tested to Australian standards AS1235 2000, and the company has worked in conjunction with car manufactures to develop rack systems to suit their various requirements.

The total commitment to stay ahead of ever changing vehicle trends has seen Rhino-Rack supply products for all industry segments.

Sensible pricing, quality design, innovations and now international distribution will see Rhino-Rack progress to new horizons over the next decade.

This Web site illustrates the comprehensiveness of Rhino-Rack's product range, their quality and versatility. To take advantage of these features see your nearest roof rack specialist and ask for Rhino-Rack.

Rhino Rack Environmental Policy

"Rhino Rack Australia is committed to the protection of the environment and the reduction of environmental impacts from our operations. This commitment applies across the whole of our business covering the design, manufacture & distribution of motor vehicle roof racks and accessories."

As part of this commitment Rhino Rack Australia Pty Limited will:

1.Comply with ISO 14001 the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems and with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

2.Work to prevent pollution and to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance by having operating procedures necessary to identify, monitor and mitigate the impact of our operations on the environment.

3.Establish programmes to achieve agreed environmental targets and objectives.

4.Plan for and conduct site operations in a manner that safeguards health and safety whilst minimising environmental impacts.

5.Communicate our environmental policy to employees, suppliers, contractors & other interested parties to encourage participation in achieving our environmental objectives.

6.Promote this commitment by making this policy available to the public.