Will my new spoiler perfectly match my vehicle's paint color?

Absolutely. Our computerized system uses your vehicle's paint code to ensure that your new spoiler is painted with the exact OEM color. A precise match is guaranteed!

Is my spoiler just painted once or are there multiple coats?

Each spoiler gets painted with three coats plus an additional two layers of clearcoat for added protection as well as a stellar factory finish.

Is a spoiler hard to install?

For some types of spoilers, installation can be tricky if it's your first time. But just about all spoilers we offer are a "do it yourself" installation using the included directions and mounting components. Be sure to set aside an appropriate amount of time before you begin. If you don't feel totally confident in your ability to install your spoiler, you can either contact our tech support staff or have it installed at a body shop.

What is a "Lighted Spoiler?"

A Lighted Spoiler means that the spoiler is equipped with a third brake light.

Are Lighted Spoilers mandatory by law?

Lighted spoilers are only required if your 3rd brake light is placed in the lower part of your rear window and would be obstructed. If your 3rd brake light is located in the top of your rear window, a lighted spoiler is not necessary.

What are spoilers usually made of?

Spoilers at CARiD.com are comprised of either fiberglass or blow-molded ABS plastic. Using these materials allows each spoiler we offer to be lightweight as well as extremely durable. All of our spoilers also come with a Lifetime Warranty against splitting, warping, and cracking.

Which material is better for the spoiler?

The differences between fibergass, ABS plastic and polyurethane spoilers are not that drastic to be concerned about while making your choice. Each material slightly differs, yet all of them are trustworthy and were tested through years of use in automotive industry.

What is the difference between a Factory Spoiler and a Custom Spoiler?

A factory spoiler is the look and shape of how it would be if you purchased it directly from the dealership. A custom spoiler is crafted to fit your vehicle's dimensions but showcase a more expressive shape or look.

Will a spoiler add an aerodynamic advantage when I'm driving?

For most street-legal automobiles, a spoiler doesn't add an aerodynamic benefit. These factors include the rate of speed the car is going as well as the size and shape of your vehicle. You would have to be driving at a much higher rate of speed than the legal limit (much higher) in order for a spoiler or wing to help stabilize your rear axle while traveling. However, a spoiler can add a slight amount of downforce on the right vehicle. But more often than not, a spoiler is meant to deliver a “racing attitude”, just not the racing!

Is my vehicle right for a spoiler?

Just about any car, truck, or SUV comes to life in a whole new way with a spoiler! But if you're undecided as to whether a spoiler is a good idea for your vehicle or simply can't decide on what kind of spoiler you want, CARiD is always ready to help. Just give us a call at 1-800-505-3274 and one of our tech support staff members will be happy to assist you.