RBP - Rolling Big Power


1.Will your Cat-back system void my factory warranty?

No. All of RBP Cat-back systems will not void the factory warranty.

2.Will I increase my fuel mileage?

Yes. The RBP 4" Exhaust System with a free flowing muffler lowers the EGT's (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) by 150, increases horsepower by 10HP and fuel mileage by 5% to 10%.

3.Why do I need RBP's Additive?

The EPA has mandated the oil companies / refineries to remove the sulfur content from all the diesel fuel. The sulfur content went from low sulfur diesel fuel at 500 PPM (parts per million) to Ultra Low Sulfur diesel fuel at 15 PPM.

Sulfur lubricates your injectors. Lubricating the injectors keeps them operating properly and prolongs their life expectancy. You will also find that water that is in and/or created by the fuel itself also damages your injectors. Diesel fuel will create its own water when the weather changes from hot to cold, creating the fuel tank to sweat, which in turn creates moisture. Water will damage the injectors and the fuel system.

RBP has developed the only fuel additive on the market that will pay for itself in mileage and maintenance. The cleaning agent in the additive helps to keep the noise/tips of the injectors clean and spraying properly. The government requires the refineries to have a Cetane value of 40 to 45 and most injectors require a Cetane value of 46.

4.What is the difference between RBP's regular and high performance additive?

The Regular additive has more water reducing agents-recommended for diesel engines that are not used regularly. In extreme weather changes, tanks that hold the fuel tend to sweat. This increases the water content. This additive disperses the water.