Specifics About Packages

All Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects parts are manufactured using primer gray colored AERO-FLEX®, Razzi® by AAC's own ABS composite plastic material.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS, is a blend of chemicals that make the special Razzi® by AAC kind of plastic. There are many different "grades" of ABS type plastic. Manifacturer uses the very best grades that are specially blended together to make AERO-FLEX®, the best material that is available for the manufacture of Ground Effect type products.

Razzi Ground Effects for Camaro
The Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects Packages are not soft and rubbery like some Ground Effects Packages (which can be hard to paint and difficult to install). The ABS packages are more rigid like fiberglass but do not crack like fiberglass parts will. Many years ago, Razzi® and Monsanto combined technologies to develop the very best material for manufacturing ground effect type products and the formula for AERO-FLEX® was the result. Having been upgraded three times since it's beginning, the Razzi® AERO-FLEX® material still remains the best material for ground effects today. It is very, very similar in composition to the "high-tech" plastics being used today on some vehicles like the Saturns. AERO-FLEX® is NOT a "urethane" material and it is NOT a "fiberglass" material.

A typical Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects Package for a car will have four pieces - one Front Air Dam, two Side Skirts, and one Rear Air Dam. Some packages will include additional parts, such as Door Panels. A typical Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects Package for a truck will have seven pieces - one Front Air Dam, two Cab Skirts, two Bed Skirts, and two Rear Skirts. Some truck packages will have an optional Rear Roll Pan available.

Razzi Body Kits for Trucks

If a Rear Roll Pan is to be installed, the original rear bumper on the truck must be removed. Razzi® by AAC always suggest that you check your state laws before removing your rear bumper; some states have laws that make rear bumper removal illegal!

Razzi® by AAC develops the "body restyling packages" to enhance the vehicle designs. This design gives an "optical illusion" that the restyled car has been lowered. Actually, most Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects kits have one inch, or less, of change in ground clearance.

Razzi® by AAC Front and Rear Air Dams attach to the existing stock-factory bumper. When installing a part, you would never remove the stock-factory front or rear bumper. With the presence of air bag "sensors" and with all the "crash testing" and other safety related issues, Razzi® by AAC does not recommend removing any stock factory bumper and replacing it with another manufacturer's ground effect part.