Package Installing

All Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects Packages come with mounting hardware and instructions. A typical mounting hardware package includes all necessary screws and a tube of urethane adhesive. Most packages include double-sided tape which is used to hold the parts on the vehicle while the urethane adhesive cures. Manufacturer includes a list of several "quick setting adhesives" in our installation ("tips") instructions that comes with the kit. These adhesives can make the installation easier and can be purchased at your local paint and body shop supply house.

Razzi Ground Effects Installation
If you want to install a kit by yourself, then you can do it, but Razzi® by AAC suggests that two people work together to install a Ground Effects package. All Front and Rear Air Dams for Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects Packages are designed to fit from wheel well to wheel well. This design creates very "large" pieces and it is designed into all ground effects packages to prevent unsightly seams or joints as well as providing excellent fit and design continuity. These large pieces are difficult for 1 person to handle, especially after they have been painted. You wouldn't want to scratch them while you're installing them, so the extra hands to hold them are always helpful.

Razzi® by AAC would suggest that, at the minimum, you have the following tools available:

  • Box cutter / razor knife: trim the plastic parts if any trimming is needed
  • Cordless power drill: drill screw holes
  • Full screwdriver set: put in screws
  • Full drill bit set: drill screw holes
  • Caulk gun: to apply the urethane adhesive that comes with the kit
  • Sandpaper: to sand the parts if necessary during the "fitting" process

It's not "hard" to install a Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects package since the parts will fit very well. Occasionally a part may have to be "slightly" sanded by hand to get a perfect fit because of slight variations from vehicle to vehicle, but in most cases no sanding will be needed. Most routine Installers of Ground Effects say that Razzi® by AAC parts fit "the best of all" and "installing them is easy". When you get the kit, before you take it to a body shop to get it painted, always "pre-fit" the parts on your car. You will then see how well the parts fit and how easy they will be to install.

Razzi Body Kits Installation

For someone who has never installed a ground effect package before (like most people), a typical Razzi® by AAC Ground Effects Package for a car, should take between two and three hours to install. A kit for a truck, should take between five and six hours to install because the truck will have more parts. If you have experience installing ground effect type products, two people should be able to install the typical Razzi® by AAC package for a car in about an hour and a truck in under two hours.

Manufacturer always strongly suggests that exhaust turndowns or exhaust extensions are used with all Razzi® by AAC Rear Air Dams. You must re-direct, or deflect, the heat coming out of the tail pipe away from all Razzi® by AAC parts.