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Precision Gear® is a division of Ultra Axle LLC, an affiliate of Omix-Ada, Inc., of Suwanee, Georgia. The company manufactures ring and pinion gear sets and differentials along with the necessary components to assemble and set up those parts, for race cars and off-road vehicles. The Precision Gear story begins when drag racer Tom Reider couldn't get the 5.43 ratio gears he wanted for the Ford 8" rear in his Pinto drag car. Dedicated racer that he was, Tom contracted with a gear manufacturer to build the gears, even though he had to buy a minimum of 50 sets. Armed with his new gears, Tom ended up dominating the Stock Eliminator Class that season and sold the 48 gear sets he didn't use to fellow racers.

This experience launched Tom into the gear manufacturing business, and it wasn't long before Tom quit his design management job at the Ford Motor Co., to start Precision Gear. Precision started out manufacturing gears for drag racers, but soon branched out into VW and Corvair transaxles and other off-road applications. Eventually Precision began making gears for NASCAR teams, even going so far as breaking in the gears on a dynamometer for 3 hours before shipping. After that run-in, the gears were ready to run at 200 mph right out of the box.

Precision Gear - Headquarter

Precision Gear ring and pinion sets and differentials are manufactured using the latest equipment and technology in a plant that has received Ford's Q-1 quality award and achieved the ISO9000 manufacturing standard. They employ manufacturing techniques that ensure maximum product durability. For example, Precision uses a rolling process to create the splines and threads on the pinion gear shaft, instead of cutting, for a stronger and more uniform product. Premium quality Precision Gear ring and pinion sets are known for high quality, long lasting durability, quiet operation, consistent installation and setup, and detailed instruction sheets.

Precision Gear manufactures a variety of limited slip differentials for domestic and import applications. Offered in 1-piece case construction and 2-piece in a 4-pinion design, these clutch type units limit slippage and deliver power to both axles, making them ideal for both on and off-road performance. Precision also manufactures automatic locking type differentials that are suited to the demands of severe off-roading.