1987 Pirelli history 1987

Created to equip the legendary 1987 Ferrari F40, the P Zero range has always been associated with the world’s most prestigious supersports cars. Developed by Pirelli technicians, the first P Zero was asked to perform an extreme task for a road tyre with the 478HP F40 being unrestricted by electronic traction or stability control.
Justifiably, the unforgettable Michele Alboreto, a Ferrari Formula 1 driver from 1984 to 1988, said the F40 “needs to be treated with respect”.

1994 Pirelli history 1994

In 1994, the P Zero System made its debut on the innovative Ferrari F355 and it stood out because tyres with different tread patterns were fitted on the two axles: directional to the front and asymmetric to the rear. In this way the directional capacity of the front axle and the traction power of the rear axle are optimised, offering the best in sports driving.

2000 Pirelli history 2000

2000 brought P Zero Rosso: a product which offers excellent handling, comfort and safety, even on wet roads. Due to its features, it is chosen as original equipment by the most prestigious motor manufacturers for fitment to their most powerful “Premium” models.

2002 Pirelli history 2002

P Zero Nero was launched in 2002, the ideal choice for even the most extreme tuners. Available in a wide range of sizes, it stands out for its aggressive tread pattern: its characteristic central ribs give it an attractive look and ensure excellent handling and performance even in the wet.

2003 Pirelli history 2003

2003 was the year the P Zero Corsa System was first presented: an evolution of the concept “directional on the front”–“asymmetric on the rear” initiated in 1994. The range offers important new advances which make it the ideal product for extreme supersports cars. Although these are road tyres, they have features which make their performance increasingly similar to that of the Motorsport product range.

2007 Pirelli history 2007

In 2007 a new P Zero was introduced to respond to the ever higher performance of the latest supersports cars and luxury saloons. The compounds were refined and new hybrid materials introduced which are capable of reducing the dynamic deformations of the tyre, even when it is subject to the most violent forces experienced when driving at the limit. Additional benefits are improved tyre life and lower noise.

2010 Pirelli history 2010

Most recent development in 2010 involved the P Zero Corsa System: the top of the Pirelli road range. The increase in performance – and the increasingly perfected electronic devices for dynamic vehicle control – have led Pirelli to develop innovative solutions in response to motor manufacturers’ requests. A range of ultra high performance tyres that offer no compromises.