Omix-Ada® is a Jeep parts and accessories manufacturer based in Suwanee, Georgia. The owner and founder was literally born into the Jeep lifestyle, as his family owned a small Jeep dealership. It was there that he learned how to run a successful Jeep business. Eventually he turned his dream of owning his own Jeep parts and accessories business into reality when he opened Omix-Ada in 1992. Omix-Ada currently employs 85 people, all of whom share the owner's and customers' enthusiasm for Jeeps.

Omix-Ada - Jeep Accessories

With over 15,000 parts in stock and a retail value exceeding $30 million, today Omix-Ada is the world's largest independent manufacturer of Jeep parts and accessories. They pride themselves on having such an extensive parts selection that that they can service just about every Jeep ever made, from 1940s models to the latest Wranglers and Grand Cherokees. Omix-Ada carries a full spectrum of accessory, replacement, and restoration parts. They keep Jeep passion thriving by making sure that products for Jeeps are available, accessible, affordable, desirable, exciting and functional.

Omix-Ada products aren't just a hit with consumers, they're recognized for excellence at the highest echelons of the automotive industry. Every year more than 2500 new products are introduced at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show. Automotive journalists and industry experts judge these products and select the most innovative ones for awards. Over the years, Omix-Ada has become one of the most decorated companies in the off-road sector, winning numerous awards.

Omix-Ada - Headquarter

Some may wonder why Omix-Ada has put so much time and energy into developing such an expansive collection of parts for just one vehicle. It's because, as all Jeep owners know, Jeep is more than just a vehicle, it's a multi-generational icon that elicits a passion in those who slide behind the wheel. Omix-Ada knows that the items bearing their logo are more than just parts, they're built with a legacy and heritage in mind. That's why Omix-Ada has been authorized to use the "MOPAR Authentic Restoration" and "MOPAR Official Licensed Product" logos for the many licensed parts they produce. Omix-Ada takes pride in being one of the few manufacturers strong enough to stand behind the legendary Jeep name.