Founded in 1997 and with roots dating back over 75 years, Lund International has a history of leading industry in meeting customer needs for automotive accessories. Headquartered in Buford, Georgia, Lund International has a team of hundreds of valued employees focused on creating value for all of our stakeholders through innovation and continuous improvement. A fully integrated, tirelessly innovative company, Lund International now serves original equipment manufacturers, warehouse distributors, auto accessory dealers and vehicle owners with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing capabilities, and one of the industry's largest product offerings.

Lund International proud to be the premiere supplier of automotive accessories from a family of brands that continually set new standards for design, engineering and innovation. Light truck and automobile enthusiasts choose Lund International because they demand nothing less than the highest quality accessories for their vehicle. From window vents and tonneaus to tool boxes and premium floor protection, the Lund International family of brands offer a unique blend of durable and functional accessories that provide outstanding value and a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Available for every type of vehicle - and every type of driver.

Nifty Products - More Protection. More Selection.

Nifty Floor Mats

No other brand achieves the same level of superior design and exceptional style quite like Nifty. Choose from the largest selection of vehicle applications for the best looking and most effective premium floor protection in the industry. Designed to meet the exacting specification of vehicles and the active lifestyles of the people who drive them.


At the heart of Lund International and underlying everything find world-class manufacturing capabilities, state-of-the-art production facilities staffed by expert engineers, craftsmen and machinists with the training and technical know-how to solve even the most complex problems. Lund's ability to manufacture a top-quality product quickly and economically is unmatched in the industry, and their menu of capabilities is vast and advanced, including thermoforming, plastic injection molding, cut-and-sew, metal forming, fiberglass molding, die cutting, top coating and more.

Plastic Injection Molding

  • - Injection presses ranging from 300 to 1,100 tons
  • - Proprietary tooling and outsource capacity to 1,800 tons
  • - Multi-cavity tools, hot runner systems, sequential valve gating expertise
  • - Mold flow analysis


  • - Molded carpets
  • - Drape forming
  • - Die cutting
  • - CNC routing
  • - Vacuum forming
    • - Up to 70" draw
    • - Multiple high speed rotaries
  • - Match molding
    • - High speed carousel
    • - Shuttle ovens

Precision Metal Forming

  • - CNC break presses
  • - Digital cut saws
  • - Steel and aluminum welding
  • - CNC Turret presses
  • - Metal Shear
  • - 60" cut-to-length line
  • - Laser cutting

Assembly processes

  • - Cut and sew
  • - Binding
  • - Dielectric heat seal
  • - Spray adhesive bonding
  • - MIG/TIG Welding

Molding Materials

  • - ABS
  • - Aluminum
  • - Carpet
  • - Fiberglass
  • - Modified acrylics
  • - Polycarbonate
  • - Stainless steel
  • - TPE
  • - TPO
  • - Vinyl