Modular Society is recognized in the aftermarket wheel industry as an "innovative design company." Their strength comes from the ability to integrate original designs with innovative engineering. This, combined with the rapid prototype and development process, makes Modular Society the world leader in cutting edge design.

1. All designs begin as a freestyle sketch allowing unlimited freedom. 98% of the designs do not make it past this stage.

2. Once a wheel looks attractive on paper, the design team will create a 2D drawing using CAD software. At this stage Modular Society is focused on making the design features balanced and proportional. They are always pushing the limits of what their machining equipment can produce.

3. After the 2D is finished, the part is created into a 3D model. This process is similar to how a video game is made. Only 1% of all designs make it past this stage.

4. The final part is photo rendered to create a life like appearance. This is necessary in order to make sure that a design is appealing before making the investment to manufacture the wheel.

At SEMA 2007, Modular Society released a new series of wheels called "ZLT", which stands for Zero-Lip-Technology. This new technology is an example of how the two different worlds of art and engineering collided to make a revolutionary new product line.