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How do I select the best mat color for my vehicles interior?
Choosing a mat color is a matter of each customer's preference. Lloyd Mats does not always have an exact color match to a vehicle's carpeting. In selecting your mat color Lloyd's website is a good place to look at all Lloyd's mat textures and color options. Of course, every computer monitor is different, so if a close mat color match is important to you, you will need to see sample mat color chips. The retailer where you plan to purchase your floor mats can send you a few sample mat carpet color chips of your choice.
Are my Lloyd Mats going to be the same shape as my Original Equipment floor mats
No. Lloyd Mats makes its own custom patterns for each specific vehicle. In general Lloyd Mats tend to be larger to protect more floor area. It is possible that occasionally Lloyd's mat shape will look very similar to the OEM factory mats, but they were not traced from any OEM pattern.
Do all Lloyd's drivers' mats have a mat fastening system?
Yes. Each driver's mat and some passenger mats will have a fastening system. For most vehicles we match up to the factory fastening system in the vehicle. When there is no vehicle factory mat fastening system or if it is not possible to use the vehicle's factory fasteners, Lloyd Mats provides its own proprietary mat fastening system with its mats.
Are Lloyd Mats manufactured in the USA?
All Lloyd's carpet mat materials for Luxe, Ultimats, TruBerber and Velourtex mats are manufactured in the U.S., except for some embroidery emblem designs. Final manufacturing of these carpet mats is performed in Lloyd's U.S. factory. Roll materials for Lloyd's Rubbertite and Protector Mats are imported, but final manufacturing of the mats is performed in Lloyd's U.S. factory.
Does Lloyd Mats offer custom embroidery designs?
Yes, Lloyd can provide personalized mats in your choice of several lettering styles. Lloyd Mats is also licensed to make mats containing the names or emblems of a number of automobile manufacturers. However, if Lloyd is not licensed by a specific automobile manufacturer, Lloyd cannot provide any word or emblem that could infringe on that manufacturer's trademarks. Decorative designs of your creation require the submission of ready to use, actual size final artwork. The embroidery programming for such custom designs is expensive and it is not economically feasible to make just one set of such custom designed mats.
What should I do if I need replacement fasteners for my mats?
If your mats require replacement mat hardware in order to be installed or reinstalled, you should call us +1-800-505-32-74. We will look up your original order and arrange for replacement fasteners to be sent to you. However, if your mats came with grommets or sewn on fasteners, replacement fasteners cannot simply be sent out. We will arrange for you to send your mats back to Lloyd Mats, freight prepaid, and Lloyd will replace the fasteners and your mats will be shipped back to you.