The world of high-end design is extremely competitive. To reach the top and to be recognized as the trend setter of the world is the dream of many, with only a very select few achieving their goal. The top brands are the ones that strive for the best in every aspect: innovation, design, materials, manufacturing quality, marketing and consumer care.
We all recognize the brand names of the select few automobile manufacturers that have reached this level of perfection: Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin.

In the world of automobile wheels, one manufacturer is matching this level of perfection; the San Diego based WTW Corporation.

WTW Corp custom black wheel

WTW Corporation is the manufacturer of four brands of wheels, Giovanna, Gianelle, GFG and Koko Koture, which are all recognized as leaders of development and fashion in the world of wheels.

The secret behind the success of WTW Corporation wheel design is that the company started out determined to improve on the best, to make wheels for the most discerning automobile buyers in the world; the buyers of high end and exotic automobiles, to make wheels that looked and performed better than the wheels provided by the perfecting manufacturers of these automobiles, to improve on the perfect.

The first line of wheels from WTW, the Giovanna™, was introduced in 1997 and was received with enthusiasm by the select group of automobile lovers who buy the best and most expensive cars. Now they could make their exclusive cars even more exclusive and personalize them to their own taste.

  • WTW Corp chrome rims
  • WTW Corp wheel
  • WTW Corp custom rims

The success of the Giovanna inspired WTW to introduce the Gianelle™ two years later, to be followed by the GFG™ brand, featuring forged modular wheels, and the Koko Koture™ brand introducing novel design concepts, each equally well received by the market.

WTW Corporation is constantly developing both the existing product lines and introducing new design features. The Giovanna wheels are now offered in two lines, Giovanna and Giovanna Forged. The GFG wheels also come in two lines, GFG and GFG Supreme and design concepts at the heart of one product line are finding their way into others, always offering new levels of luxury, novelty and elegance to the buyers of luxury and exotic automobiles.