Oiled Filter Cleaning Procedur

Note: Always turn off your vehicle and allow the engine to cool before performing any maintenance.

1. Remove filter from intake system on vehicle.

2. Carefully clear loose contaminants from air inlet.

3. Tap filter gently to remove any caked-on dirt from the filter element. (Fig. 1) Do not hit the filter on the ground or use a brush against the screen. This could damage the filter base or top and tear holes in the cotton gauze.

4. Spay filter element liberally with the Injen Air Filter Cleaner. (Fig. 2) Allow it to soak into the filter for fifteen minutes. Do not use any other chemicals or solvents to clean the filter.
Note: Solvents, gasoline and various house hold chemicals can harden the rubber seals causing the filter to distort and may affect the cotton’s ability to function properly. A mild detergent can be used in an emergency situation, but care should be taken to fully rinse and remove soap.

5. Using low pressure tap water, rinse the filter element thoroughly from the inside out. (Fig. 3)

6. After the filter is clean, allow it to dry completely. Do not use compressed air or heat to speed up drying time. Allow ample time for filter to dry naturally.
Note: Injen’s oiled filters should never be used without oil.

7. Before reoiling filter, make sure filter element is completely dry. Only apply oil in a well ventilated area.

8. Holding the can four inches away, lightly spray the oil over the center of the the filter element. (Fig. 4) Make one complete pass around the filter. The filter element does not need to be oiled one inch from the base and top as the oil will wick through-out the length of each pleat.

9. Let filter stand for 20 minutes so the oil can soak in. If light spots still appear after 20 minutes, lightly spot treat those areas.
Note: Never over oil filter element. After oiling, the filter should still appear dry. Use a clean, dry paper towel to absorb excessive oil if needed.

10. Re-attach filter to intake system and enjoy.