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Mark Heffington
Mark Heffington was born October 2, 1941, in his grandmother's home in Memphis, Tennessee. As a fifth grader, he enjoyed helping out in the school library, where he became inspired by three car books, The Modern Racing Engine, a technical book published in late l940's, and two fictitious novels Hot Rod and Street Rod, both written by Henry Gregory Felsen. By the time he was 15, he had his mother taking him and friends to local drag races. Hooked on cars, Heffington pursued a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Tennessee, and then began his career in the aftermarket industry as the chief cam designer for Crane Cams. In 1972, he founded Cam Dynamics, a leading manufacturer of high-performance and racing camshafts. In the early 1980s, he sold the company and began consulting on camshaft design and engineering for United Technologies and General Motors.

When the concept of computer-controlled engines began to emerge, Heffington realized how such a revolution could significantly impact, and even hinder, the performance industry by leaving tuning to factory engineers with proprietary information. Suddenly, an idea struck him.

"I felt like John Belushi at the Triple Rock Church when he had seen the light," Heffington would later recall. "In a matter of seconds I knew exactly what I wanted to do and saw the opportunity. And then you just go and do it."

Track Testing His Lingenfelter ZO6 Track testing his Lingenfelter ZO6
Heffington poured himself into research and exploration. He founded Hypertech Inc. in 1985 in Bartlett, Tennessee, and engaged engineering consultants to help with computer programs and reverse engineering of codes to develop aftermarket onboard computer reprogramming devices. In 1986 he introduced the first Power Chip to recalibrate the early automotive computers that used replaceable PROMs or "chips" in their Electronic Control Modules (ECMs). In 1994, with later generations of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) eliminating such chips, Hypertech kept pace, releasing another first, the Power Programmer, to access and alter the "flash" programmable memory associated with the newer OBII technology. In fact, during Hypertech's early products, chiefly because few manufacturers understood the technology as Heffington did.

Heffington's pioneering contributions to the aftermarket and racing communities brought him induction into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame in 1997. His company also became a five-time winner of SEMA Best New Performance Street Product and Best Engineered Product awards, and a two-time Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice award winner for product innovation, among other industry accolades.

At Hypertech Working on His Project 57 Chevy At Hypertech working on his Project '57 Chevy
Indeed, since his successes in the 1990s, Heffington has continued to demonstrate zeal and innovation for the industry. In 2009, Hypertech introduced the SPORT Power Programmer, the first street-legal line of tuners for imports. (Heffington took an early stand with his company, creating only street-legal products meeting emission standards.) "The reason I started Hypertech was for people just like me... People who like to drive a high-performance street car every day of their life," Heffington explained.
Over the years, onboard computer controllers have become more and more sophisticated, regulating fuel, spark, transmission and even radiator cooling fans. However, Heffington views this less as a challenge than an opportunity for even more performance gains. Now in its 27th year, Hypertech remains a leader of engine tuning

products, and Heffington continues to look to the future, seeing better ways to control highly modified engines equipped with nitrous, cam changes or superchargers, as well as the ever-changing production models.

In 2012, Mark Heffington was inducted into the prestigious SEMA Hall of Fame. This honor is only given to automotive industry legends, luminaries and icons for their technical achievements, unquestionable integrity and innovative contributions made to the automotive aftermarket.
Important Moments In Hypertech History

Hypertech is a technology-driven company with a unique status in the aftermarket industry. Unlike other speed equipment manufacturers that produce hard parts like camshafts and cylinder heads, Hypertech's core product is knowledge; the ability to tune the complex computers that control essential functions in modern automobiles. The company has invested in people, not machinery. The knowledge and skill of the Hypertech team are their most valuable assets. The company's staff of engineers and technicians has degrees in a variety of disciplines, including electrical engineering, computer science, and mechanical engineering. Hypertech people know computers from the inside out! The Hypertech team is passionate about performance. They have racers, hot rodders, and performance enthusiasts on their staff. You'll find modified trucks and street machines in their employee parking lot. Hypertech builds project cars and uses trucks for towing on weekends. They come from different backgrounds, but they have all learned to appreciate the tremendous power of electronic engine controls to improve performance on the street as well as on the race track.

Hypertech is the technology leader in high-performance engine tuning computer-controlled vehicles. Electronic engine controls have evolved rapidly since their introduction in the early '80s. Hypertech has kept pace with these rapid advances in technology by developing power tuning products that take advantage of the capabilities of these electronic controls. Early automotive computers used replaceable PROMs or "chips" to calibrate the Electronic Control Module (ECM) for a specific engine, powertrain, and vehicle combination. Hypertech created the original Power Chips to recalibrate these electronic "brains" for improved performance.

Later generations of Electronic Control Units (ECU) eliminated calibration chips. Instead, engine tuning information is stored in the unit's programmable memory. In addition to controlling basic engine functions, microprocessors now monitor and govern a wide range of systems, including the transmission, brakes, instrument panel, emission controls, and heating/air conditioning. For comparison, the code stored in an early chip would fill one page; now a typical ECU contains more than 1,600 pages of code!

Hypertech created the Power Programmer to access this "flash" memory and download the Hypertech Power Tuning program directly into the ECU's programmable memory.

In addition to controlling engine functions such as air/fuel mixture, spark timing, and maximum rpm, these highly evolved ECUs also regulate transmission shift points and firmness, limit top speed, and display speedometer and odometer readings. Hypertech's engineers were able to use these capabilities to provide additional features for enthusiasts. The Power Programmer is much more than a tuning chip - it is a self-contained automotive tuning computer. The Power Programmer automatically installs the powerful Hypertech tuning program. It also allows enthusiasts to access and reprogram the vehicle's computer to function properly with aftermarket components such as non-stock wheels, tires, and rearend ratios. A Hypertech Power Programmer is really the most powerful and versatile tool a performance enthusiast can own!

Today Hypertech Power Tuning products span the spectrum of automotive technology. We continue to offer our famous Power Chips for older vehicles while constantly updating our Power Programmers for the latest cars and trucks on the market.

As the power of digital systems expands, Hypertech will continue to design and manufacture power tuning products that are on the cutting edge of technology.

30-Day Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee

The 30-day money back guarantee applies to the Max Energy Power Programmer, E-CON Economy Power Programmer, and the Speedometer Calibrator. The product MUST be returned to place of purchase within 30 days. All items must be received in a new, unused and ready-to-sell condition (including all original packaging, parts, and paperwork) to receive a refund, excluding any shipping and handling fees.

Product Warranty

Factory Direct Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Hypertech Power Tuning Products are warranted* against defects in materials or workmanship. Hypertech’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to the prompt correction or replacement of any defective part of the product which HYPERTECH determines to be necessary. This Limited Lifetime Warranty is to the original purchaser for as long as he or she owns the vehicle on which the product is originally installed, providing all the information requested is furnished. You must retain a copy of your original sales invoice or receipt. Without proper documentation, a service fee will be applied. Resold units are NOT covered under this warranty.

Return Your Vehicle To Stock Tuning

BEFORE Taking Your Vehicle In For Service

If you take your vehicle to a dealer or mechanic for service, you must first remove the Hypertech Power Tuning and restore the stock programming. This is because diagnostic devices expect to find stock calibrations and will often overwrite the program if the latest stock calibration is not found in the computer’s memory. This will result in the loss of your Hypertech Power Tuning data. The Power Tuning can be easily removed to restore the stock tuning before you take your vehicle in for service, enabling the service technician to upgrade your stock calibrations. After the service is complete, you can reinstall your Hypertech Power Tuning.

Hypertech Products Are Street-Legal & Clean

In the interest of improved air quality, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires new vehicle and manufacturers of aftermarket parts to develop engine and emissions equipment that either reduce or maintain specific air pollutants affected by vehicle use. Both the California Vehicle Code (Section 27156) and Federal Clear Air Act (administered by the Environmental Protection Agency) prohibit modifications that increase vehicle emissions.

Hypertech includes meeting all E.O. requirements in its product development process. This guarantees that users of Hypertech Power Tuning products will meet certification requirements when registering, selling or needing to pass various emissions tests or Inspection and Maintenance (I& M) programs administered by state or local enforcement agencies. So, on an ongoing basis, Hypertech obtains and includes CARB E.O.s for its emissions-related products. This ensures these products are not detrimental to ambient air quality and meet requirements necessary for their legal sale and use. Make sure that any emissions-related product you buy and install carries an E.O. number. Without this verification you are at risk, in potential violation of regulations and may incur unnecessary financial obligations during vehicle inspection.