Suspended Flow Technology

Gibson Superflow™ Mufflers exceed the performance advantages provided by all other mufflers on the market. They are the mdustrys most cost effective, reliable, and trouble-free performance muffler you can purchase.

Gibson Suspended Mufler

Why settle for noise when you can have MORE POWER and TORQUE with Gibson Supertlow™ Mufflers.

Gibson delivers the powerful "big block" sound at the tailpipe with more usable pulling power and torque! The Gibson difference is that our muttlers are quieter inside the cab than any other afterrnarkel mufflers.

Racing has always been part of the GIBSON heritage, when the weekends hit you'll find out R&D guys spread out across the land racing off road,off shore and on the track. Designed and Developed specifically for Race Applications, the GIBSON Race Series Mufflers come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

Each muffler features a straight through flow design that utilizes the GIBSON SFT technology and a solid internal core. This solid construction means there wont be any packing to blowout over time or under Ihe intense heat from competition The GIBSON Race Series mufflers offer not only great flow & great performance but give you the Sound of authority, no matter where your race takes you.

Gibson Round Race Mufler Gibson Triangle Race Mufler
Covergent Flow Technology

High performance vehicles need to be in peak tune to deliver optimum power to the pavement. Gibson's Superflow muffler with Convergent Flow technolgoy (CFT) actually tunes your exhaust by using resonance chambers, directional louvered tuning ports and angular induction to draw exhaust gases into the muffler and expel it at a higher velocity. The result is a muffler that doesn't have packing to wear out, yet delivers more power and a performance sound that's also backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

Gibson Covergent Mufler
  • 4" X 9" Case
    • - Available Inlet / Outlet 2", 2.25", 2.5", 3"
    • - Delivers Optium Usable Performance
    • - Deep Powerful Sound
    • - Reversible Louvered Tuning Portsfor Maximum Flow
  • Chamberedand Louvered Design
    • - No Packing to Blow-Out
    • - No Bafflers to Become Brittle
    • - Fully Welded Solid Internal Construction
  • T-304 Stainless Steel
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty