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EXEDY racing clutch Selection Guide

EXEDY racing clutch provides a wide range and various types of clutch series. This is a good reference for your selection of a sports clutch.

selection guide

The figures and Information shown above relating to the Carbon Series are based on normal usage with an average friction material temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. As the friction material surface temperature rises, so to will the friction co-efficiency. pink line is indicated at 150@ on the friction surface.

exedy table 2 exedy table 3

*The above information is just for reference, it may not be applicable due to the specification or the characteristic of vehicles. EXEDY will recommend the adequate clutch for your vehicle if a car model, an engine model, actual engine torque and purpose is provided. (Example:JZ80 TOYOTA Supra(6MT),2JZ-GTE,588N.m(60kg.m), for the circuit racing).

Hyper Series

hyper series

Single Sports Series

sport series

Sports clutch reference guide

street sports drift circuit drag race

Hyper Series / Single Sports Series

Read the instruction sheet supplied with the product thoroughly before installing the product.
Keep the instruction sheet in a safe place while using the product.

  • Since the sports clutch is a product with a purpose to transfer the power, it may also transfer the sound generated in the drive train.
  • When replacing the clutch, replace the clutch discs and the clutch cover as a set
    (EXEDY Clutch Set is recommended).
    Used clutches are damaged at the parts you cannot see. It may cause unexpected troubles if they are not replaced as a set.
  • Do not disassemble or modify EXEDY products. It may cause malfunctions or damage, resulting in a major accident.

Clutch disc
  • Confirm that it will move smoothly by sliding it into a main drive shaft before the installation. This preliminary check will confirm that you have a correct product or not.
  • Apply a small amount of grease on the spline, slide it into the main drive shaft again, and wipe off any grease that has strayed. Excess grease will cause slipping or judder.
  • Never use the clutch disc that you have dropped. Also, do not handle with hands contaminated with oil, etc. This will cause bad disengagement or judder.
  • When mounting the transmission, align the height, tilt, and tooth surface, and slide the main drive shaft smoothly without any excess force. Forceful insertion will cause denting on the gear tooth surfaces, deformation of disc, etc., causing bad disengagement.

Clutch cover
  • Wipe the pressure plate surface (center plate surface for twin or triple) and flywheel surface of the clutch cover with a clean cloth. It will cause bad disengagement or judder if there is any oil attached.
  • When mounting the clutch cover to the flywheel, do not tighten the bolts at once, but tighten them in increments diagonally. The lever of the diaphragm spring will be uneven if the bolts are tightened at once, causing bad disengagement or judder.
  • Never use the clutch cover that you have dropped. Also, do not handle with hands contaminated with oil, etc. This will cause bad disengagement or judder.

Attention! Be sure to conform to the following precautions.
Otherwise, it may cause accidents or malfunction, resulting in an injury.