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EBC Brakes - Yellowstuff Truck and SUV Performance Brakes

Ultra high friction brake pads for US built trucks and 4x4 vehicles.

If you want improved stopping power with just a pad change, this is the perfect pad choice. This refined version of the famous EBC Yellowstuff race formulation is now available in pad designs to fit popular American trucks/pick-ups and many Asian and European built 4x4s. This fast growing market for improved horsepower trucks and oversize wheel conversions has thrown up a black hole requiring a performance pad to fit these makes and models that will stop even the fastest driver in a heartbeat. Average friction coefficient 0.5 with similar dust to original pads and the dust is the same or perhaps slightly more than many original pads, this is NOT a low dust pad.

Stretched limos is another superb application for this material. EBC Brakes is now supplying this compound for stretched F250s, stretched Excursions, stretched Hummers which are subject to a PSV (public service vehicle) test. Vehicles which failed the PSV test with standard brakes passed the test quoting a 20% brake improvement when using this material.

Yellowstuff performance range is a high friction aramid fiber pad, totally resistant to brake rotor vibration, and easy on rotors.

Many part numbers now carry ECE R90 approval. Confirm if this material is street legal for your model when using for highway driving within Europe where regulation 90 applies. Outside Europe just fit and enjoy, these pads are the grippiest and most impressive pads that you will have ever used.

EBC Brakes - OK to Fit or Have on Rear


Normal urban driving, school-run or
commuter on car, truck or SUV.
Ultimax UPR Series
Spirited street use on sport compact or
import sedan (Hot Hatch).
Greenstuff USR Series
Faster street use on muscle cars (slight rotor
wind noise acceptable).
Redstuff GD Series
Low dust street use on prestige imports
(silent braking required).
Redstuff USR Series
Fastest street and track use, trackday, time trials and drifting in any size or weight of car (on or off road).For longer races Bluestuff may be required for durability purposes. Yellowstuff UPR Series
(or GD if race series allows)
High durability race pad also suitable for
street driving.
Bluestuff NDX Formula
(EBC Box end label will say AF66/16SC)
Truck, 4x4 and SUV
modest brake upgrade.
Greenstuff 6000 Series GD Series
Truck, 4x4 and SUV maximum stopping for
towing and loads etc.
Yellowstuff GD Series
Truck, 4x4 and SUV modest brake upgrade
with lowest dust.
Greenstuff 7000 Series GD Series
Full track use only
- not for highway use.
Orangestuff UPR Series
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