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RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT is the driving force of any successful brake manufacturer and EBC Brakes is proud of its extensive R&D facilities located at its Bristol manufacturing plant which include full chemistry, friction development and testing facilities including 5 dynamometers.

HEADED UP BY STEVE PAYNE, a friction materials research engineer of 20 years experience, we are proud to have him back to join the team in 2009. Steve has over 15 years experience in brake pad manufacture and has been tasked with numerous special projects to develop the EBC Brakes and EFI products to new levels of performance and market acceptance.

ONCE FORMULATED, every EBC Brakes compound is subject to conformity of production tests (to ensure compliance with R90 regulation) but is also fine tuned within the R90 parameters to constantly ensure that the product performs to exacting standards.

THE R&D ENGINEERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR RESEARCHING, testing and homologation of not just established production formulations but new elements and ingredients and production methods that can make pads more consistently and with higher quality thresholds.

THE R&D TEAM IS ALSO RESPONSIBLE FOR FACTORY TROUBLE SHOOTING and perfecting the production process which includes minimisation of rejects and production efficiency.

EVERY BATCH OF BRAKE PADS MADE AT EBC BRAKES is subjected to rigorous testing including destructive sheer testing, density testing, sonar and ultrasonic testing, compressibility testing and friction level testing to ensure that every batch that leaves our factory is perfect.