Diablo Sport

What is a Tuner and How Does it Work?

Think of a tuner as a small hand-held computer that plugs into your vehicle's brain (computer) via the diagnostic (OBDII) port. Once plugged into your vehicle's OBDII port the tuner is able to communicate with your vehicle and all of its individual modules. After this communication link is established, the tuner can now send files to your vehicle's computer effectively improving the programming on your vehicle. Before the tuner makes any changes to your vehicle's computer, it will save all of your vehicle's original files. By saving these files, you can always go back to your original stock factory programming or settings. Sounds simple enough, right?
Now you might be asking yourself what are these ''improvements'' the tuner makes to my vehicle. The tuner can change a multitude of things, literally thousands. One of the most common parameters which is altered is Spark Advance. Your spark plugs to "spark" sooner reducing the time between cylinder combustion. Another commonly changed parameter is fuel and throttle delays. The delay in both fuel and throttle response can be decreased providing you with a much more responsive vehicle. Changing the torque limits can also improve your vehicle's response time. The Air/Fuel ratio will often be changed to ensure your engine is always getting the proper mixture. These are just a few of the parameters that DiabloSport can change, and as mentioned earlier, there are literally thousands depending on the vehicle. This is where DiabloSport's years of tuning experience come into play. Their tuners and calibrators make very small changes throughout the entire RPM range to ensure a very smooth and equal power delivery that you can feel for yourself.
Another question DiabloSport often gets is "why doesn't my vehicle come optimized from the factory?" While there are many responses to this question, some of them being political debates, the easiest answer is fuel. Fuel consistency and grades differ from state to state. Two gas stations sitting right next to each other could be distributing fuel of different quality/grades. Factories must ensure their vehicles can operate on very low quality fuel. DiabloSport provides optimized programming for different octane levels, depending on vehicle, including 87, 91 and 93 octane. These octane based tunes are designed for gas vehicles. DiabloSport diesel applications still get many tunes to choose from but they are based on utility (towing, economy, performance, racing) and/or horsepower (40hp, 60hp, 90hp, 120hp, etc).