Dash Designs® Dash Covers

Which fabric and color is best for my Dash cover?
Dash Designs® manufactures custom dash covers in a variety of fabrics and colors which allow you to choose the dashcover that will look best in your vehicle. In most cases it is best to match the color of your dashboard, or if you prefer, the color of your seat upholstery.
Do Dash Designs® dash covers come with a warranty?
Carpet dash covers come with a lifetime warranty and Velour, Suede, and DashTex fabrics have a 5 year warranty against manufacturers defects.
What is a light sensor and how do I know if I have one?
A light sensor tells your automatic headlights to turn on if your vehicle is so equipped. The sensor is located on top of the dashboard and near the windshield. If your vehicles headlights come on automatically at night, you have a light sensor. Do not confuse auto headlights with daytime running lights that come on every time the vehicle is started. A small opening will be made in your dashcover to allow the sensor to function.
What is a climate control sensor and how do I know if I have one?
A climate control sensor helps determine the cabin temperature. If you have climate control, the AC/Heating control knob will have numbers (temperature settings) and the AC or heater will come on automatically to maintain the selected temperature. The sensor is usually located on top of the dashboard and near the windshield. A small opening will be made in your dashcover to allow the sensor to function.
What is a navigation system?
Many vehicles now come from the manufacturer with a built in navigation system (usually an option) which is typically a small monitor on the dashboard to display maps and other information. The question of Navigation refers to original equipment, not after-market. If you have had an aftermarket system installed on your dash, you will have to remove it and reinstall after installing your dash cover.
What is heads-up display?
Heads-up display is available in a small number of vehicles and allows some of your critical gauges to be projected onto the lower part of your windshield.
What is an alarm sentry?
An alarm sentry is a flashing light or sensor for remote control for your alarm or to indicate that your alarm is on.
What is parktronic/ultrasonic park assist?
A row of indicator lights are located on top of the dash to show how close objects are to your bumper.
Will my dash cover my dashboard airbag?
If your vehicle has a designated panel for an airbag, your dash cover will have a flap over the airbag which will not impair its operation. If there is no panel, no flap will be made and there will be no impairment.
Will my dash cover the storage compartment on my dashboard?
Storage compartments with lids on top of the dash are covered with a flap which allows the lid to be opened... Trays without lids on the dash may or may not be covered.
Do Dash Designs® Dash covers have openings for the speakers on my dashboard?
No, all dash covers are constructed from porous fabrics that allow sound to transmit freely through the material.

The Shade™ Retractable Sunshade

How do you know what size Shade fits my vehicle?
We measure the windshield height on the right hand side of the vehicle to determine the ideal length of your Shade so it can safely be pulled across your dashboard without obstruction.
How does The ShadeTM fit around my rear view mirror?
When The ShadeTM is pulled across the windshield; it is pulled around the rear view mirror so that the mirror is between the shadeTM and the windshield. Your visors can then be put in the down position for maximum sun protection.
Does The ShadeTM come with a warranty?
All Shades are covered by a 2 year warranty.
Sometimes the pleats in my Shade get bunched up.
This can happen for several reasons but typically when the handle falls out of your grasp. Carefully manipulate the fabric to reshape the pleats and retract The ShadeTM back into its casing. The pleats will return to shape. If they are bunched up a lot, you may need to lift The ShadeTM off its brackets to reshape the pleats and then replace The ShadeTM back on its brackets.
What do I do if the brackets on my Shade come off the windshield?
Shade brackets cannot be re-used. The adhesive is good for only one application. New brackets can be ordered from Dash Designs®. Brackets stick to the windshield using a very aggressive adhesive. If your brackets come off, it is possible that during installation you did not clean your windshield with the alcohol swab, you did not press the brackets into place, or you did not wait 24 hours before using your Shade.
My brackets have come off my windshield however the tape is still stuck on the windshield.
You may be able to reinstall your brackets. Pull the brackets off your Shade. Clean with a rubbing alcohol or other cleaner and then try pressing back on the tape on the windshield. Wait 24 hours and then try using your Shade again. If this does not work, you can order new ones from Dash Designs®.
How do I remove The ShadeTM brackets from my windshield?
To remove the brackets from your windshield use a putty knife to carefully pry the brackets off the windshield.