Coverking was started in August 1986 by an aerospace executive who had the foresight to conceive a need for mass customization in the manufacture of personalized automotive accessories.

Coverking History

Mass customization is a technology pioneered by Coverking to manufacture a highly customized special order product in the shortest time possible. At the time of publication of this catalog, Coverking offers over half a million specialized products. Not all can be listed here.

The success of Coverking is attributed to a passion to be the leader in innovation and automation. Years of valuable experience in sophisticated aerospace technology formed the foundation of Coverking which led the industry by being the first to obtain the highest quality certification, use of state of the art CAD / Cam technology and continues to lead the industry by combining fashion and technology in introducing truly innovative designs in automotive accessories.


Coverking is a customer focused company. Every Coverking employee is trained to keep the end user ol the product foremost in each and every activity performed in the company. This is supported by world class manufacturing facilities, state of the art manufacturing equipment systems, procedures and a dedicated work force.

Coverking Culture

Simply staled, mass customization means the production of highly specialized custom order at the efficiency, cost, speed and quality of an equivalent mass produced product. Coverking presents a customer to special order a Coverking product for virtually any vehicle from the latest models to the ones manufactured in the early twentieth century. The customer can select from a wide variety of specially engineered materials made to automotive specifications in a wide selection of colors and designs and specify personal embroidery and licensed logos.


Coverking PROUDLY Made in USA

Made in USA

Coverking's main manufacturing facility is located in Anaheim, California. It is supported by offices and manufacturing in Mexico, Europe, India and China.