Corsa Performance Exhaust Technology
Corsa Technology

CORSA's Patented RSC™ Technology is so precise that it has to be tuned to each application. Each system is acoustically engineered to eliminate the vehicle specific frequencies that create drone. The technology is based on experiences and research from the aerospace industry. Inside the CORSA mufflers, sound waves are targeted, reflected and eliminated without impeding air flow or sacrificing horsepower, yet still delivering the sound to fit your vehicle.

The exclusive and patented RSC™ Muffler design delivers a bold, unique sound under throttle that defines your performance car, truck or SUV on the open road. Inside, you experience a quiet ride that lets you use your cell phone or listen to the radio without any problems. The patented RSC™ Mufflers feature a straight through design that incorporates a full 360-degree air gap that sends targeted sound waves to specifically engineered channels. The waves are then returned to the gap 180-degrees out-of-phase, cancelling the specific "drone" creating frequencies. All that remains, is the bold rumble that is the true voice of performance.

Corsa RSC™ Architecture