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Corsa gives you a sound that fits the personality of your vehicle. A Corsa exhaust system offers the distinctive Corsa sound on the throttle - choose Xtreme, Sport or Touring character for the performance sound - and it provides a whisper-quiet cabin while cruising. Not only that, the Corsa technology also delivers increased gas flow and more horsepower.

Corsa's Reflective Sound Cancellation RSC™ Tehnology allows the acoustic designers full control over the pitch and character of the sound. Choose a system that sounds right to you!

Xtreme - Aggressive and Deep Exhaust tone. Xtreme sound levels are found on most of Corsa's American Muscle offerings, including Corvette, Mustang, Challengers and Camaros. The Xtreme sound is race inspired and offers the biggest sound with a deep throaty growl.

Sport - Robust and Bold. Sport sound levels offer the popular CORSA growl when on the throttle. Perfect for those who want to be noticed on acceleration or when passing, but delivers the perfect and quiet cabin experience for hours of cruising without any tiring exhaust drone. It is ideal in combination with other moderate performance modifications such as air intakes.

Touring - Reserved but Distinctive, Touring systems offer a sound level that is just a notch above stock. This is perfect for vehicles with major power increases keeping the sound blended perfectly on cruising.

All systems are designed to cancel specific sound frequencies, allowing for a NO DRONE interior at cruising speeds. Choose the acceleration sound that best fits your style!