2D FLAT DASH KITS - flat pieces that go on flat or slightly curved dash surfaces. When flat pieces are warmed, they become flexible, and curve to the shape of the dash. Flat dash kits are manufactured using a laser cutting technology.

  • Most common and lower priced for most vehicles.
  • Wider color selection which includes Real Woods and
    Carbon Fibers.
  • Usually contain more pieces in a kit
    sample flat dash kit layout
  • Easy installation and Lifetime Warranty.

3D MOLDED DASH KITS - are 3D formed to precisely fit the shape of your contoured dash pieces. The 3D molded pieces curve around the edges of the factory dash and cover curved surfaced. Usually molded dash kits are made for trucks and SUV's that have large rounded-edge dash panels. Some kits are a combination of 3D & 2D flat parts.

  • Usually higher priced than flat kits.
  • Smaller color selection - only synthetic materials.
  • Less pieces than flat dash kits (sometimes 1 molded
    piece = 10 flat pieces) sample molded dash kit layout
  • Easy installation and Lifetime Warranty.