Established in 1967, BELTRONICS Radar has a long history of leading technology in radar and laser detection.Company headquarters are located in the Cincinnati, OH area, and their full line of radar, laser and safety detectors are designed, manufactured, and marketed in North America.

BELTRONICS Inc. is a major brand, the leading manufacturer of high-performance automotive accessories including the world's best performing radar and laser detectors, SmartMirror with built-in GPS navigation, Entourage Personal GPs Security Trackers and Guardian Alert Reverse Obstacle Detection Systems.

For over six years uninterrupted, their radar detectors have been rated as the proven best performing solution for professional drivers. These are the only radar detector technologies that can't be picked up by radar detector detectors used by law enforcement. Before that all radar detectors were susceptible to being discovered by radar detector detectors.

BELTRONICS can provide the most advanced radar and laser defense on the market by utilizing the power of real-time, cloud-based sharing among drivers. Professional drivers using the system connected will know about all threats sooner, be able to prepare for what's ahead long before they are in range, and overall, drive safer and smarter.

When it comes to radar and laser protection, BELTRONICS radar detectors stand alone, with innovation and technological improvements spanning multiple decades. It brings a complete integrated radar detection system to national travel center customers at a price that before now was unheard of in the custom installed segment.