Banks Ram Air

Banks Ram-Air intake system lb7/hyabz

The revolutionary Banks Ram-Air intake system delivers huge gains in air density for more usable power, adding up tO +39 hp and +69 Ib-ft more than a tuner alone! It outflows the others and delivers a stunning 48% more airflow than stock, thanks in part to the Banks Ram-Air's huge filter area, giant outlet, and the complete air filter housing that directs cool, dense air to the engine. Banks' flowbench-developed and dyno-proven Ram-Air is the only aftermarkct intake with 5" bellows (LLY & LB7 : 4l/2~) to accommodate engine movement. Without bellows, engine movement causes components to separate or rub against and damage each other, allowing destructive particles into the engine and turbo.

Banks Super-Scoop (upgrade optional)

Stick your hand oui of ihc window at 60 mph and you'll experience ram air. At speed, ram air acts like a natural supercharger. Banks' exclusive Super-Scoop inlet connects below the front bumper, forcing a big charge of cool, pressurized ram air into the engine. And because the air is drawn from outside the engine compartment, it has greater density and makes more power than warmer, under hood engine air.

Super-Scoop's cooler, denser air also improves fuel economy, reduces smoke and lowers exhaust gas temperatures! Rainwater and debris are funneled out of the bottom.

Warm Inside Air

Airflow Equals Power

When air is drawn into a barely breathing intake, the engine is deprived of power and efficiency. And as you can see from the illustration, the stock intake system is restrictive. The inlet is cramped with tight bends, the filter design is inefficient with minimal filtering area, and the air that the stock intake does draw in is warmer, because it lets in the hot engine air. Warmer air is less dense, which means it has less oxygen content and therefore provides less power.

Conversely, the more air you can flow through your engine, the more oxygen will be available for burning fuel. That means greater, more efficient combustion, which results in more power. This is where the Banks Ram- Air Intake System comes in. Instead of a panel-style filter, the Ram-Air Intake uses Banks' exclusive conical 8-ply filter, with a much larger filter area and a giant 71/8" outlet. Banks engineers also streamlined the ducting and filter cover to further promote airflow. The cold air box's huge bottom opening and optional Super-Scoop inlet are engineered to inhale cooler, denser air from outside the vehicle. Stock systems don't draw the cooler air from underneath, and many aftermarket "filter on a stick" designs leave the filler wide-open to all the hot under hood air, which robs you of power.

Not only are the Banks Ram-Air Intake System's performance num bers astonishing, the system offers better reliability and durability than stock and the other guys. The new Ram-Air Intake System is a real breath of fresh, dense air for vour Duramax!

Banks Power

A Breath of Fresh Air?

Check oul ihese competitive test graphs and you'll see why the Banks Ram-Air easily crushes the competition. 8 out of the 9 aftermarket intakes we tested actually performed worse than stock. How is it then that these companies advertise their intakes as outperforming stock? Simple - they use flowbench test- results which in no way resemble the real-world conditions the intake will actually be performing under. The competitors do fine in a cool, open - lab environment because they enjoy unrestricted access to gobs of cool air. Test those competitors' systems again, this time crammed into a hot engine compartment completely surrounded by a reservoir of blistering air, and the men are separated from the boys in a hurry.

Peak performance and mileage doesn't happen when your engine is forced to inhale hot, density-dead air. It happens when you have streamlined air flow and high density. The Banks Ram-Air Intake feeds your engine all the cool air it craves and more.

Banks Ram-Air: Total air-flow manage - ment, rich oxygen-density, and unrestricted flow... now that's a breath of fresh air.

Breath Of Fresh Air
On Highway Temperature On Highway Density Gain Or Loss

The competition is full of HOT air!

Banks Ram-Air does the best job of packing cool, dense air into your engine's turbo. But you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out Just took at these "filters-on-a-stick" and it's easy to see why they fall down on the job-direct exposure to hot engine compartment air and reliance on stock or cramped intake ducting. And these are our two closest competitors. The other guys are worse!

Banks Ram-Air intake System

With its giant reusable filter and protective air box. Banks Ram-Air gets the job started right by separating intake air from the hot. thin engrie compartment air. Then it follows through with a high-flow, low-restriction outlet that packs cold ar into your turbo. See the huge intake bellows? That protects your Banks Ram-Air from damaging engine movement and ifs something nobody else offers.

Banks Super-Scoop

Turn your Banks Ram-Air into a natural supercharger by bolting on the optional Super-Scoop, it draws in cold outside air through its huge air scoop and speeds up the air even before it reaches your air filter. For maximum airflow. Super Scoop packs a real power punch.

Banks Ram Air Big Filters

Thanks BANKS POWHR for the RAM-AIR system I purchased for my truck. I noticed a big difference right away when I started my truck. No smoke and smoother/quicker acceleration. I had to go on a long trip the following day and did notice better mileage. All of BANKS claims were true. I am very happy and impressed.

Richard of Palestine, TX