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Monster Exhaust side single or split-side duals lb7/lly/lbz

The 4" Monster exhaust system's streamlined pipes are formed of stainless steel, heavy-wall tubing with mandrel (constant diameter) bends to slash back pressure Up to 98% over your truck's stock system. Banks' polished stainless steel Monster muffler features an unrestricted straight-through 4 "diameter flow-path with an exclusive expansion chamber that delivers a rich, throaty exhaust. All these features help the Monster exhaust system to flow up to 176% better than stock. Huge polished stainless steel rolled-edge tailpipe tip(s) add an aggressive finish to this performance exhaust system.

Note: Splii-side duals system is designed specifically for single-rear-wheel vehicles, and safety accommodates spare lire, shocks and brake lines.

This is more than big pipes; this is a well-engineered exhaust system.

Best thing about this system is how easy it is to put in. It just slides into place.

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Features & Benefits:

  • 100% stainless steel construction!
  • Mandrel bent d" diameter design ensures unrestricted exhaust flow
  • Huge polished Banks-unique signature tip(s)
  • Muffler's aerodynamic interior design cuts drone, not performance
  • No need to remove your spare tire; a perfect fit
  • Virtually eliminates any and all back pressure
  • Limited warranty
Monster Sport Exhaust
Monster Exhaust Benefits
Monster Exhaust Benefits

Banks overcomes pumping losses on ihe exhaust side with a streamlined Monster exhaust system, which frees more power to get to the rear wheels. The constant-diameter, heavy-gauge stainless steel 4" pipes cut back pressure by 98%. For a colossal finishing touch, check out Monster exhaust's polished-stainless rolled-edge tailpipe tip(s).

Replacing the restrictive stock muffin with Banks' free-flowing Monster muffler makes a huge difference in airflow, sound and performance. The Banks muffler has a big 4" inlet and 4" outlet. And in between, the exhaust flows straight through, instead of torturously winding its way back and forth inside hairpin chambers and building up back pressure. And only Banks Monster muffler has an expansion chamber to alleviate the nasty drone that other straight-through mufflers arc known for. Banks utilizes durable ceramic packing with a high temp rating so it won't degrade like fiberglass. Add it all together and you get a limited lifetime muffler that flows over three times better than stock and delivers a pleasing, throaty rumble!