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Baer Racing was founded in 1986. Founder Hal Baer's technical and analytical skills, and a keen ability to assemble a cohesive team is still the foundation on which Baer is built.

Over the next several years, Baer raced and won in a variety of professional series, Escort, Firehawk, Corvette Challenge and World Challenge, as well as a variety of amateur classes. It was during this time that Hal became aware that virtually all passing in modern road racing is done under braking.

To further his teams chances and compete with better funded teams, Hal focused on making brakes his "unfair advantage". During 1988 the first systems for FOX Chassis Mustangs were built and tested. For the next several years Baer custom built a couple systems a year for people who learned about the brake upgrade from word of mouth.

At the end of the 1993 season, Hal formed a partnership with Todd Gartshore and Robert Sommers, from which Baer Brake Systems was launched. Today Baer builds over 160 different brake systems, as well as their EradiSpeed™ rotor and Baer Tracker™ suspension lines. However, every product is still built to perform to Baer's personal standards of performance and durability.

Baer Brakes is proud to say we manufacture all our own parts (from raw materials to castings and forgings built to our specifications) and have so for nearly 20 years. We are located in Phoenix Arizona, and are currently in 66,000 sq feet of manufacturing and production space.

At Baer we do not sell body kits, floor mats, or intake manifolds, we stay focused on brakes and related components. This singular focus ensures that we are better prepared to deliver proper brake systems, products and solutions, than companies who do a "bit of everything". You wouldn't go to a barber for brain surgery, so when it's time for brakes, choose Baer.