Casting is the most economical way to produce light alloy wheels. This is the process used by almost all car manufacturers for the light alloy wheels provided with their cars.

Cast wheels are made by pouring molten aluminum into a mold with the mirror shape of the finished wheel. The casting is then taken to the machine shop, where it is given its final shape in CNC cutting, grinding and polishing machines before going to the surface finishing shop, where it is polished, plated and/or painted.

The American Racing wheels are all cast in a process where the casting is done under slightly raised pressure, to compact the molten metal and eliminate pores in the casting. This improves the quality of the wheel and makes it stronger and less brittle.

The design of the American Racing wheels make the most of the technical features of the casting technology. Their quality has been proven over time, with some dealers in classic wheels actually offer warranties on 20-year-old American Racing Wheels they sell to collectors.

American Racing wheels have been widely copied, but it is easy to tell a real American Racing quality wheel from the cheap copies. The American Racing wheels always have the brand name cast into the back of the wheel. If it doesn't say American Racing it isn't.